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  • Baah

    Sitting here shook.

    Comparing this:

    wVs4PAQ.gif to Rizia2.gif.46803367db68c4546cb4a0b5b5b5517f.gif



    Wow. I love that I keep my old work so I can go back and do stuff like this. ;u ;

  • Baah


    Stream is going up! Finishing current WIP I just posted~

    Related image

  • Baah


    And here I said I would stay away from cute.

    Image result for anime girl giggle pls someone give me a dark custom order ty 

  • Bugy

    https://discord.gg/ChbyM9X my beb made a server pls feel free to join and come chat with us :byaslove:

  • Teath

    Sucks that I can't buy the graphics card I'm saving up for with the initial price that it was (€350) now it's at €600.. might as well just get the GTX 1080 :lazecry: Gonna work super hard. 

  • ItaSlipy



    These blocking moments are not simply something that happens to us just because. They happen when we unconsciously find that we do not like what we are doing.
    We ourselves, even without knowing it, have the idea that something it is not right or should be improved.
    So, what do you have to do to get out of this state?

    I advise you the following things:
    - Go back to review and study about all the important bases
    that form what you are doing. You are probably missing something or forgetting an important point.
    - Be curious and research about techniques, tools and things that nurture your art.
    -Try to find people who inspire you. We all have a way
    traveled and to go. Do not see other people that you feel
    that are better than you and you get frustrated, but try to see in them a goal and someone to learn from.
    -Analyze everything you see, try to interpret the elements of what you are seeing and find the things you like, the "why" you like it. Basically, this will create your "artistic personality" because what you do when creating is absolutely related to our personal tastes.

    It is basically a stage of study and development of oneself. Do not despair! Take the time to understand yourself and know what is bothering you.

    I was like that for a whole year, forcing myself to draw and feeling that I did not like anything, I drew very little and I did not even want to do it most of the time.

    Until I finally tried something different, I learned too much by doing the things I told you above, in just a few days, I was able to get out of that feeling that had been chasing me all year! I discovered that my drawings looked flat, without depth, that they didn't have good proportions, that I did not pay attention to the compositions or contrasts, all the materials that I drew looked the same, among many other things. By doing this, I could have a better vision of what I had to improve, and what I had to practice more to do it.
    Each new drawing that I created from this point in which I had "awareness" of what I had to do, made me feel proud. I felt that I was moving forward and that I could do even better.

    I know it's not a magic recipe, but it's something that I'm sure will help you get out of this so annoying state that does not let you move on.

    Cheers everyone! I hope you find these tips useful! ; v ; 2764.png<3


    Subscribe to my patreon to find tips, advice, references, tutorials and a lot of useful things! All rewards receive something interesting every month (and every day!) And they very cheap and affordable 2764.png<3

  • ThroughtheLightx

    Finished the first Valentine's Day half body! Visit my premade shop to purchase!






  • EmiSArakan

    TWO DAYS AND ITS DONE! *drowns in happiness*


    eenjjiii_meitu_4_IFFLG.png eenjjiii2_meitu_5_OFFLG.png

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