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    So we're still super busy here with getting allergic reactions from dust and getting energy drained from moving boxes and sorting stuff out. But i'm still trying my best to make as many premades as my energy can afford to reach the amount of money i need for mid august.


    I've already finished quite a bit and it's going to be a huge batch so it's most likely gonna be a multiple purchase batch again as im not sure if i can afford to wait for each piece to be sold to an indivual person :lazetears:. Be prepared for fast internet peeps who post super fast, people who might mess up, people who post for one another, and people who miss out on the premades they want. If you do not like this then you do not have to participate in this batch, hopefully after this last batch we'll be done with big quick bucks and i can go back to making comfortable size batches where each piece can be sold to individual peeps.


    'till then this is just how i gotta do it again, once again if you're not okay with this then please considering checking out other artist's shop in my support section on my shop page or just other shops in the custom / premade section on GASR. There's so many premades up elsewhere that are the same quality as my work or even better.


    i'm not sure when exactly i'll put it up yet but i'll show previews already on instagram when i've fully animated some.


    Hope you're all doing well and are enjoying yoselves. :cutethumbsup:

  • Challie

    I added a poll to my shop recently, and I would appreciate any feedback. It's regarding my sketch commission option :llampret: Should I replace the option I currently have with a grayscale sketch commission, or keep the option I currently have? Should I do both? :llsqueeze:

  • Writ


    Pick your own colours as well as changeable designs for this premade!


    changes that can be made:

    1. accessories (hairpins, earrings, cuffs/bracelet, rings, ribbons)

    2. hairstyle

    3. ears

    4. tail

    5. collar


    if you're interested, kindly send a PM along with your references and colour choices! thank you! :aww:


    *please let me know if anyone's interested to see more of these €10 PYOCs! i'd love to do more tbh


  • EmiSArakan

    Finally arting today!!  Finishing up orders and then new premades!! 

  • Syerin

    All done!

    Not sure what to price her at.. maybe $30?(Unless people think thats too much!) but she is available as a premade!

    Comes with:

    Large version(500x700 roughly)

    Static DP & Animated DP.


  • Astro

    i am back from the dead lmao

  • Roza

    Summer vibes :bfstar:


    Summer I $25.00


  • Naptime

    Anyone have any tips for soothing lower back pain im fuckin dying 

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