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A community for those who or know someone that suffers from a mental health condition. I would love for this group to turn into a safe place where people can vent, make friends or simply just talk


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  2. Even when I tried to think positive everything went downhill everytime so now I am like meh... Nothing it's whatever you know…
  3. Its good you're trying to be strong though. Maybe you should try to think more positively which I tell people all the time. I know it's hard even I'm still practicing. You just have to start small. Say one good thing about yourself or the day everyday even if its something as simple as "I look good today" , "I existence" or even on the good days maybe even "I don't feel sick and I won't today". It'd also be good to let family and friends know how you feel which again I know is hard that's something I'm learning still too but sometimes they don't really understand or see how you feel or what's going on.
  4. Yea i try to be strong but when everyone ignores your existance eventually makes you feel sick... Thank you tho!!
  5. I understand that feeling completely. In the end though you just have to remember that it's okay and you have people that love you. Talking it out with a friend/family member can help too. If there's no one. You can message me or anyone else that joins I'm sure. I don't know if that's helpful but just wanted to let you know you aren't alone
  6. I feel so lonely and all alone in the world. If anyone feels so... Post...
  7. Yeah totally. This is my stash info about her 💗 just so you can read about her personality if you want and I put a picture of her. We should probably private message so we don't keep filling up this topic just in case the group does ever get people
  8. That's really cool. She's very pretty. ^~^ i actually have a vampire oc too but she's much darker
  9. Yeah it's an OC. I've made an OC that is a vampire inspired by me lol.
  10. Aww thank you. I really appreciate that. Your do is really pretty too is it an oc?
  11. Your DP is really pretty. You draw so well btw!
  12. Hey Ingrid. It's great to meet you. I come on gasr for the same reason too. There's so much beauty in all the creativity. I completely understand. Crying helps as well. It's best to let it all out then bottle everything up inside.
  13. Hi Miranda! I am Ingrid, 24yo. I also like art. That's why I manly come on Gasr. To look at the beautiful art. What helps me with my struggles is music, reading, walking alone, crying… Lol. Sometimes you just got to cry out the bad emotions.
  14. Just tell me about yourself. Anything you want. Who you are, what you love. What helps you and so on I'm Miranda but everyone calls me Cat. I'm 21 years of age. I have depression and social anxiety. I absolutely adore cats, art and nerdy things. Normally when life is getting to me I talk it out with my boyfriend, cuddle with my cat or try to distract myself with a show or gaming.

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