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  2. hmmm i'm not too good with people/chibis but im gonna accept & give it a go anyways! in case it doesn't work out, let me know if you have any other back-up refs in mind xD
  3. Orderο»Ώο»Ώ Form Name: booped Badge Ref: https://sta.sh/21us1vdw8v7t?edit=1 Size: 40x40 Extra: N/Aο»Ώ Outline/No Outline?: Outline Method of Payment: ο»Ώο»ΏPaypalο»Ώ
  4. soo this is how it's looking so far BUT im struggling to fit the facial expression you want with his tongue sticking out ;o still haven't finished it, i wanted you to tell me if its looking like a ferret or not xD
  5. oo cute! i haven't pixelled a ferret before so i hope it comes out looking like a ferret xD i also think 40x20 would fit nicely :D
  6. Order Form Name: booped Badge Ref: https://sta.sh/21u97n28igur?edit=1 Size: 40x20 or 40x40 whichever is better for you :) Extra: N/A Outline/No Outline?: Outline Method of Payment: Paypal
  7. okay im just adjusting the eyes cause i had a second thought about them, just fixing them up for you but you can send payment while i do it hehe it wont take me long <3
  8. i hope you like him, both versions are outlined white its just hard to see on grid ;o if your happy with him, price is 16k credits or $8 PP <3
  9. Nameο»Ώ: booped Badge Ref: https://sta.sh/2bsw10c0kkn?edit=1 Size: 40 x 40 Extra: Outline/No Outline?: outline Method of Paymentο»Ώ:ο»Ώο»Ώ PayPal

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