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  2. I am so glad that I found this group! I started learning D&D around 2 weeks ago, and so far all I have learned is how to create a character. My DM is busy busy, so we must wait until around March 2nd to play our first game! I already love it so much and I haven't even played yet! D&D gets my creative juices flowing so intensely and I love it! My main character is based around myself, and what I would wish to be if I were in a fantasy world. She, over time, evolved into her own person and she is very near and dear to my heart! Amethystine: Bio: Art: From Amethystine, my other character Onyxian was formed! Onyxian: Bio: Art: I hope to continue making characters, playing with wonderful people, and loving every minute of it!
  3. So a very powerful gnome alchemist whose shop we just happened to fall into via way gate gave us some potions to help with the pit lord demon we were about to have to kill. He said he would offer us an extra free different potion if someone in the party drank one use of the first one he was offering, which he said would prevent death, with side effects, such as becoming a different race when you come to. So our Dwarven cleric says hell yeah, and myself & our ranger proceed to full murder-hobo our cleric because "maybe he'd be more useful if he was a different race." He died & came back as a dwarf again, because he was off on the dice roll to race change by 1. So that was our first character death.
  4. Dumbest character death happened to my boyfriend's tiefling bard happened today. We were in the plain of elysyum. The plain of kindness and compassion. My character didn't wanna leave due to the effect of the plain so another player put me to sleep while I was in a tree above the river of Stix (think river in Hercules with all the souls). His character went to save mine before we knew and could only save one of us. He chose to save mine and had to role an int check. He didn't succeed and ended up getting feeble minded. We then couldn't get him out without having to do the int check ourselves so another player lassoed him while only his head was out of the water making it go on his neck. He then got pulled into the water and started drowning. So as the other characters unknowing of the situation continued pulling he was choking and drowning. He got pulled with the lasso so much his neck got snapped. I am now living contently in the plain trying to take care of players elephant character. One character is leaving the party and the other never came with us due to him not being here.
  5. In our last meet up for one campaign we were doing we got transported into the WOW world because one of our players made a character from WOW. We were fighting a fire giant that got like unnatural supernatural powers and used this genie thing to get out. So now our characters are discovering the world of WOW. Its an adventure as we keep making WOW jokes too
  6. I've been playing D & D for a couple years now but took a break. Rejoined D & D with my boyfriend's group about half a year or so ago. We do two campaigns and switch off every week. In one campaign I have a tabaxi rogue/fighter. Her name is Mao and shes a soldier. She joined battle at a young age to make sure her family and friends stayed safe. She was very serious and never messed up at first but after several years of being a soldier and gaining fellow friends in the force she started to let her guard down a bit more. One fatal day she did though an enemy team ambushed the her and her comrades while she was on watch. Her best friend died that day to make sure she stayed alive and could go back home. Shortly after she left the force and joined a thieves guild called The Bloodhands to make sure nobody ever heard of her mistake that day. In the other campaign I have a tabaxi rogue/monk. Shes a new character and considered a small character due to something that happened in the campaign. I honestly haven't made a backstory for her since shes still quite new.
  7. Would anyone be interested in hearing a start to present day of my groups campaign? Tales of The Plucky Unluckies? It would be kinda in the perspective of my DND character Poe.
  8. This is my rogue's backstory. Tiavie had a rather sheltered childhood as the daughter of an aristocrat. Her mother died when she was just two years of age, and her father was always away at work, usually in neighbouring lands. He was a politician, and as a Tiefling, he was working hard to make sure that their race was well represented and respected. He worked hard to make sure that she had everything she could ever want, but she was still longing for something else. One day while out in the city, Tiavie got into some trouble with a guard, but was helped out by another tiefling by the name of Zarmir Emberpost and he two developed a close bond. Tiavie fell deeply in love with Zarmir and the two had plans to wed. Tiavie’s father did not approve of Zarmir because he did not come from a wealthy background. Tiavie discovered that one day, her father told her that Zarmir's family was moving away. He would not give her the reason for this. Whenever she would bring it up, he would change the subject or just ignore her, and she suspected that he was somehow behind this. Her heart was shattered, and in the middle of that night, she ran away from home. She couldn't bring herself to steal from her own father, so instead to help her out, she sold some of her most valuable possessions that she had stolen, and with the gold she had, she set off in search of Zarmir.
  9. Oh man I know what you mean by the tragic back story ™ all of my characters except for Husk has a tragic back story. I jus keep thinking "how can I make my characters even more broken??" The only character with a really flushed out background is Poe at the moment though. Poe: she was born in the poverty-stricken slums of a desert city named Mathinadu within Aritonon a host to many on going rebellions against the empire's rule, at a young age she watched a horrific sickness spread across the city claiming the lives of many within the slums, her family was not untouched by this plague as it also claimed the life of her father. Her mother became very religious before and after his passing, devoting her life in the name a sasca (goddess of the moon) and salo(god of the sun) After her father died she became a pickpocket to help support her family. She attracted the attention of a local gang derived of mostly Tieflings going by the name The Mathinadu Catalyst the gang work towards the benefit of the Tiefling community and ending their suffering of repression/discrimination within the city. Naturally she joined up them, she learned many new talents like making bootleg alcohol (alcohol is illegal our campaign). she tagged along on shipment pick ups/drop offs as extra muscle. She made a few friends within the gang Aljana “Al” Siraewid: 34, female Tiefling. The leader of the gang. Met Poe when they were younger, being both oppressed Tieflings in Mathinadu's slum district. Encouraged the gang to target rich humans and to support communities, sometimes turning to violence and extreme measure. Stood at about 5'11” tall and had indigo colored skin with short stubby horns. Her eyes have no irises or pupils, being only white. Was outspoken against the social injustice of the country. Jabell: A 39 year old Goliath, adopted by Tiefling parents before they were imprisoned. Grew up as an urchin and as a little brother to Aljana (despite being bigger and... older). Has gray skin and a broken nose. S'dapen “Pig Pen”: 26 year old Tiefling at 6'1”, has charcoal skin with his horns being filed down to stubs. Has a world-weary demeanor and a sad expression often, but still dependable for the gang and cause. Often fought with Poe over her method of getting things done, complaining she wasn't careful enough and could blow it for the gang. Bruhier : 28 year old human male, 5'10 and scarred face. Was a close companion to Poe and partner of hers. Seemed sympathetic to the cause and how Tieflings have been mistreated, relating since he grew up poor as a non-Saracen human Poe was with this gang for 5 year before someone (unknown to Poe who) threw her under the bus and betrayed her she was thrown in prison to serve a life sentence. She endured torture just because she was a Tiefling. She endured being lashed, beaten, verbally abused and occasionally starved, for 3 years until part of the prison was damaged during an ongoing rebellion. She managed to escape the prison and flee the city with the help of her smuggler friend Wynwood Drake. Wynwood considering Poe like family took her in, tended to her wounds, cut her hair, helped smuggle her by ship to port City within Fida. She traveled from that city to a small quiet town to the east named Maladhur where she was found by a convenient of monks called The Amaheru Order and Society a physical community of scholars and archivists that belong to the humanitarian Amaheru Order and Society. Poe figured it was the best place to hide. When Poe first joined no one could get close to her, she refused to speak, she mostly stayed within the dorms and ate. After a month she started going to the courtyard taking her aggression out on martial training dummies and students that didn't seem too keen on liking her. These actions attracted the attention of one of the Lore Masters, Wasim. Though it was far from easy, he managed to get her to speak to him. Single word replies turned into sentences and sentences gradually turned into conversations. With time Poe became more and more comfortable within the convent branching out her social circle to another Lore Master named Abba who brought her out for her shell, encouraged her to have fun, let go and be playful. eventually she started playing pranks within the convent, with the help of Abba of course. She also started to training with Wasim in martial arts. She even started to socialize with the rest of the convent though she still kept her circle of friends down to just the two. Poe still has a long way to go on the path to recovery, she doesn't trust easily, uses alcohol as a crutch and is extremely reckless but Poe's come so far from the broken individual she once was when she first joined the convent and she is so grateful for the kindness she's found there- even if she has a funny way of showing her appreciation at times.
  10. In one of one shot campaigns, we were trying to sneak into a camp, but as half-orc barbarian I thought that was boring, so I rolled to throw my greataxe into the camp, rolled a 3, and the axe ended up one of the enemy's tents. This woke up the whole camp, who started to make their way to us. I yelled out "He did it!", pointing at our stealthed paladin. I rolled pretty high, but so did he rolled higher for his stealth, so I ended up pointing at a cart in his way. The enemies all thought I was crazy.
  11. I just got introduced into DND by my coworker and they gave me an npc to kinda get a feel for the game. My first express running backstory for her to learn how to play and my god is it tragic lol. I am playing a Goliath Barbarian named Lowyn who is taking the path of a totem warrior. She has a spirit wolf named Lula that she can call on for guidance. Lowyn is from a small tribe in the icey mountains. Long story short, she left her village and worked by the docks helping travelers. Started helping an elf, made friends with the elf, took her to the city that is a hub for several followers of various God’s so the elf could tend to a cemetery. When they got there a cloaked guy was trying to raise the dead so of course they fought. Lowyn put the beat down on the undead and necromancer but the guy turned the elf into ash so now Lowyn carries the trowel her elf friend used to tend graves and an urn with her ashes on her belt. What was once a friendly happy Goliath is now what we call Dark Lowyn who is very stand offish and tends to graves when she passes by them. this was a month ago I did this and I’m still upset about it. On the bright side she is broken in stats and equipment and can wreck the heck out of anything with the right dice rolls
  12. This is just a thread where you can post all of your epic adventures whether your party did something truly heroic, something tragic happened, or flat out hilarious anecdotes, ect.
  13. @Lunlaena THANK YOU! Im so glad you like them! I really want to play Wynwood soon. I totally understand what you mean by not being able to get into a character, i'm kinda feeling that with Husk, I'm not sure if I like playing him really I can't seem to get into character with him since his feelings are dulled. I think I like the concept of him more than actually playing him. I'll probably bring this up to my DM later. I love your characters though. Miniimae is so pretty!!
  14. I was playing a tiefling rogue for a little while but I wasn't feeling the character yet because I had her as very charasmatic but I had never done anything to do with roleplaying & I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. So my GM let me switch characters without killing her off because I want to play her in another campaign once I feel more comfortable. This is my rogue, Tiavie Shatterstar. Art was done by Miniimae. She comes from an aristocratic background, but she refuses to talk about that or about her father who betrayed her. She prefers to talk her way out of, or into, a situation, but if she has to fight, she has her trusty rapier & the pistol that her love, Zarmir, gave her.
  15. I am in love with both of your characters! I love Wynwood's design, he looks like such a fun character.
  16. I'm so freaking happy I found this group, I love DND! My group an I play every week on Saturday night from 8pm until 5-7am, last night we did our Halloween one shot and tonight we're going back to our regular campaign. I have a few characters in our campaign right now that I switch back and forth from while my main character Poe is split up from the main party and having an essential crisis after she died and was brought back to life. This is Poe my smol 5'3 alcoholic tiefling Monk she is apart of a convent that works twards the preservation of knowledge, though Poe hasn't really been interested in studying, she joined the convent for her own reasons. Poe is the very moral character of the party who genuinely means well but the way she words things makes her seem overly sassy or bitchy she's on her own quest right now to find her mentor Wasim who resigned from the convent as a lore master and left town when the party brought her dead body back to the convent, he thought they wouldn't be able to revive her. She is determined to find him and hopefully bring him back before he does anything stupid.  Secondly we have Husk, he is a very tall lanky German/sweetish man standing at 6'5 he is gifted in the arcane arts had has a deep passion for history he believes all knowledge should be shared to anyone who is willing to learn, he keeps his body covered in thick dark blue robes and wears a plaque mask at all times. He met the party while he was delivering hand written history tomes to Poe's convent. Recently while the party was at an underground bar in another town Husk slipped up while drinking with them and the party found out his true nature. Husk is not quite alive, he is an undead skeleton. Lastly, but certainly not least we have Wynwood Drake, the smuggler pirate. Hide your daughters, wives and sons cause this casanova is most certainly going to break hearts wherever he goes. Wynwood is Poe's oldest and dearest friends from her home town and her criminal contact from her old life back before she took up the cloth. Wynwood is out for three things in this world: Money, pleasure, and alcohol. If you don't have at least one he wants he won't waste his time. The party has yet to meet this beautiful bastard but before Poe left she did contact him to meet up with the party at the Port town they're traveling to though he is always fashionably late and tends to like making grand entrances.
  17. @Lunlaena D&D is the best! I haven't gotten to play in a while due to classes but I hope you're enjoying it so far! This is my favorite character Clara Pem. I never finished the drawing. She's a satyr sorceress, her tribe got killed by an army of orcs and the elder has given her an orb (which I don't know what does yet) to take to the elves with her party. Last we played I accidentally picked up a cursed dagger and some not so good things started happening while she started sleepwalking. She's a very kind and sassy bb but does what she needs to do to get the job done. She also has a magic show with her gnome/druid friend Nibbie doing transformations and swindling townspeople for money when they get the chance. She loves animals, performing, and drinking is her #1 hobby- sometimes even in the middle of battle. B)
  18. This is a thread to post any advice to new or returning players or GMs. Also, this is a place to ask any questions about the game.
  19. I am a brand new D&D player, this is my very first campaign. So I started this group to see if there are any others on GASR that also like to roll the dice :D I want to show you my new D&D character, Aralynn the wood elf sorcerer/cleric. She left her home town because a higher power, a half good named Suudimus spoke to her and told her that he needed her assistance & saw great potential in her. She's a bit of an airhead but she always looks out for her friends. Also she loves bubbles. LOVES bubbles.

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