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Lonely People

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A place for lonely people So maybe they won't be so lonely...


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  2. It was hot today so understand the tired lol! My day was decent, I work with animals all day so I played with them. How has your day been??
  3. I love animals lol! A chinchilla is not the easiest to take care of but we love him!
  4. I am alright, very tired today, how was your day?
  5. WOAH. ive always wanted a chinchilla but always thought Idk how to take care of one. and so many kitties omf <3333
  6. Hiiii I’m doing good! How are you?? Awwwww! I have 3 cats and a chinchilla! Cats names are Baby (17), Buddha (3) and Marie (3). The chinchillas name is Yeti. 💕
  7. I have an aggro af dog name Mozart that looks cute but is absolutely terrifying. He makes my life 100% harder than it should be.
  8. How’s life? Do you have any favorite movies,shows or music? Any cute pets? Anything else you want to add?

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