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This is a group made with the intention of support fragil, depressed and alone people! You can post videos, images anything that you think that can put someone up in a bad day!


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  2. "Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater."
  3. hiiya! my name is ally & i'm 19 yrs old. i'm a full time student studying graphic design. i loveee animals, weed & psychedelics, the ocean, and moooar. i unfortunately went through a long depression episode last year which led to an eating disorder. i also struggle with anxiety but i don't struggle nearly as much with it as i used to. growth is super important and key!! always work on bettering yourself and don't let anyone stunt on your growth took me awhile to get to where i am but i'm surviving and becoming healthier everyday
  4. Thank you so much, same goes to you. I really appreciate it. Love your DP btw.
  5. Do not rely on social media for validation. These likes don’t determine your worth.
  6. Aw yeah, that sucks. But with time you'll learn french and german ! For the french part I can help you but my german kinda sucks. But don't hesitate if you need help about anything :) @ISow And yessss, already went to Neuchatel but like 1-2 times. It's beautiful Ever been there too ?
  7. " That I know how to stay only where there is love. That I can be transparent in the love I give. That I know how to be grateful for everything that comes, but also know how to thank for everything that was. That I know how to make silence in my heart whenever I feel like responding to what is (only) noise. That I know how to take a deep breath and believe (much) that I have the strength I need to move on. EVER."
  8. @Sybela - I feel almost the same as you.. I'm not depressed or depressive person but my panic atacks destroy me.. and I don't know why and from where they came from.. I'm glad you like this group hun and hope you are ok @Echo2themoon - All I can say is that you are a strong person! I don't know if I had stomach to all of that! But I'm really proud of you! hope you are better now! @Inerlime Hi hun, feel free to pm me anytime you want and for anything! @PixFem Hi hun, please don't feel embarassed! It's the worst thing you can do to yourself, I did it a lot of times and it just made me feel worst than I was so please take care of you, love yourself enough to don't let you feel embarassed. @Overkill It really don't help me I need to find another job and I can't bcs I don't speak fluent french or germany. Yes it is really big. did you ever been in Neuchatel?
  9. omg just saw this :') Talking your language doesn't help yeah but well, helps getting to know people. I'm glad you like Bern, I don't know the city (and all around) very well but seems really nice (and big)
  10. Hey guys, been battling with severe anxiety for so many years I can't pinpoint where it actually started anymore. And I can't tell if the depression was brought in by the anxiety or the other way around either. Anyways, they changed my medication a week ago because citalopram wasnt effective anymore, kept having hardcore panic attacks and they are probably sick of me calling the ambulance every two or three weeks. I can control it better than before though, I use to call them almost everyday! I am so embarrassed and scared that the cry wolf story takes over and when something life threatning actually happens, they wont do anything, so it doesnt help with the panic attacks... it's like a wheel that never ends. Oh also I have PCOS, I have seen that women with pcos may be prone to anxiety and depression, so I know it's a bad mindset but, I think it's something that is here to stick around to.
  11. “Train yourself to take nothing personally.”
  12. Hi everyone. I just have seen this group and decided to join because I would love to have some Company on the hard days and nights. I am always up to chat with anyone about anything!
  13. Echo2themoon

    Talk me about you!

    Hello, I'm Echo. I'm turning 25 soon and I'm from the midwest in the states. I've suffered from chronic depression and suicide ideation since my mothers passing when I was a teen. Recently, my cousin killed themselves at the beginning of August. I was very close to this cousin and we grew up with one another since childhood. He was my older cousin and I'm still having a really hard time processing his death. I have a hard time processing death in general. My mother's death has greatly affected me mentally. I also deal with chronic illnesses and chronic pain, which often can get pretty debilitating and has currently put my life at a standstill while dealing with an incurable illness in which I take pain meds and other treatments in trying to manage at least the most prominent health issue, I'm hoping I can get surgery done to at least alleviate some of the issues I have due to my illness. I'm also a chronic insomniac. Which I have been since a little child. -- I was for a long time managing my health and depression alright until I got around my early twenties and had my physical health take a pretty massive nosedive. In my spare time, I like to game, listen to music ( mostly metal \m/ )read comics/manga, and watch movies and anime. When I go out, I like having picnics in the park and listening to music. Or discovering a new cool coffee shop. I'm really obsessed with Boku no hero right now and can't wait to see the new movie at the end of the month. I am a self-taught digital artist and spend most of my time making works for my patreon. sometimes I stream on picarto.tv, but it's hard doing it all the time. I feel like my depression and chronic pain holds me back a lot of time in being consistent with art related stuff. currently, I'm trying to be a freelance artist and open an Etsy shop so I can hopefully make a side income from that. It's taking a while for the shop thing though because I want everything to be as perfect as it can be whenever someone orders prints and have been slowly getting more and more supplies for it. I also spend a lot of time playing otome visual novel games and old-school RPG's like Tales of, and star ocean. I'm currently learning Japanese, as I one day want to visit there.
  14. Hello there, I’m Lauren and I come from Wales in the United Kingdom. I’m twenty three years old, just turned on August 7th, and I’ve suffered with anxiety ever since I was in bottom school. I don’t know what caused it when I wasn’t even in my teens yet, but I know that when I hit top school, it was the bullying that just...Turned me into mush basically. I have a boyfriend who lives in Nottingham, who I get to see every other month, which does help. But my anxiety is so embarrassing when it comes to going up there because I refuse to go out, I refuse to go places and I simply lay in bed for the day or just curl into a ball on the sofa. I don’t have many friends, I can actually count on one hand in that regard. I think, personally, I’m a nice person- but it’s just that I’ve been stabbed in the back one to many times that I just...Freeze up? I’m also the type of person who gets upset or...I don’t know...Down? When a friend ignores me for others. I don’t think I’m depressed. I battle something called body dysmphorphia and my anxiety on top of that- But I can’t actually say I’m depressed, I mean, I don’t feel as though I am? I don’t really know anymore to be honest. This is actually a really nice group, thank you for creating it- It’s very meaningful.
  15. @SkylessMidnight Hi Jess, I heard some psicolgists and doctors telling to people with depression and axiety to work out, run and things like that I think that's good and make us feel better!
  16. SkylessMidnight

    Talk me about you!

    Hello, I am Jess I'm 32 years of age. I've sadly been dealing with depression and anxiety most of my life. The only I have dealing with it is working out.
  17. @Overkill Bern it's nice! I like it so much! omg, german is so hard to me.. but I want to learn it! I'm working with some german people but they know portuguese and talk with me in portuguese so it doesn't help me that much
  18. @ISow Ooooh never been there. I often go around Bern for gigs and shit, looks nice And well german is pretty hard to learn and speak...mine is awful, so don't feel dumb :) ++ living surounded by people speaking german and french will help a lot I think
  19. @Overkill I'm in Muntschmier, french and german! I'm taking german classes but i feel so dumb!
  20. This is awsome ! In Valais And you ? And so.. you're learning/speaking french or german ? (or maybe italian, who knows)
  21. @Overkill Yes moved 3 months ago! Really? where do you live? @Cappster I hope you get better and please don't live in the past.. You will find someone who loves you a boyfriend/girlfriend a friend, anyone! Those people that you known are such sh*t! I hope there was made justice! People have no notion how bad they can be for the others, how much it can influence a life of a person! This makes me feel mad! I don't know how exist people like this! Hope you feel better and, find good friends who deserve your friendship and please, don't stop believe because there are always something good to come!
  22. Hello! My name is Jen I'm 24 years old and from Canada, BC I've had depression and anxiety for 6 years now ////// My parents physically and emotional abused me since i was 13 I was sexually abused when I was 19. (I was still a virgin too, so my first time was not how i wanted it to be) I told a couple friends, they all thought I lied and wanted attention. I was good friends with one of them for 15 years. I was extremely suicidal, I try not to think about it and think about the newer future. ////// I find music helps me sometimes, I can't listen to some songs because it just effects an anxiety attack. I find coloring helps a lot as well and gaming. My boyfriend is very supportive, he tries and keeps my mind of it. ////// I hope you make the right friends and not fake ones that drop you over something like this. And know that life gets better one day at a time.
  23. Ooooooh @ISow Moved to Switzerland ? I live here, it's a nice country, pretty chill :D I'm happy to see you feel good, sometimes change can help a lot too
  24. @Saiko Sure you can! @Overkill I think it helps everyone, yes you are right we just have to find what makes us feel better, let us be us. To know new people, new ways to live, travel.. anything just don't stop in your seat and look at the window.. LIVE! I'm so happy to hear that babe, Yes you can say that in english ahah For now I'm feeling ok, and happy! Since I've moved from Portugal to Switzerland I'm feeling better, there was some people who made me feel bad!
  25. Then I'm glad it helps you too, this group is great for anybody and that's amazing. @ISow And I see what you mean. What helped me - even if it sounds kinda stupid - was to become a metalhead. I'm feeling myself and it helps not giving a shit and knowing I'm part of an awsome community who drink beer and say shit. Maybe it's why I feel like screaming "i liek metal hi" everywhere in this forum xD Guess a lot of things can help as long as you find whats good for you ^^ I don't really need to talk to somebody rn, I feel nice these days. Life got highs and lows (can we say it in english ?) But thank you for asking, I'm here too if you need someone to talk to !
  26. @Hold Loved to read all of your story you may always count with me, for anything, everything! I know you don't know me but it's with the best intentions! I don't want you to feel alone hope you can see a sholder in me, one hand! @Overkill My intention with this group was that, help the others.. That makes me feel better with myself, more confortable idk why but it makes me happy to know I'm helping someone, even when I don't know the person.. I'm sure if you try you will be more confident, sometimes it works for me sometimes don't but I've changed so much since last year.. I didn't love myself and now I'm the first one, I love me before the others! Because we all are pretty each one in each way but whe are! I'm glad you like this group, this is for all and for anything! Everyone can post here anything that are thinking about and if you want some privacy just pm me, don't worry I will be there for anyone! @Saiko Hi babe, Im sure you are and everyone as his/her own style you just have to find yours.. I don't like my art too but it distracts me and I like when people (rearely) buy it! It's good to practice and buy some tutorials or see in youtube, it would help babe!

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