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A fun place with games to play when you're on gasr. Don't forget to Introduce yourself! Every Friday we will be Hosting and Posting new games each week!


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  2. hmmmmm a perfect date would be like going to an arcade and they win a bunch of tickets to get me smthn LOL i feel like thts very lame ; - ;
  3. I'm no good at jumping that far. Push in the brick wall.
  4. This was an awesome quote I got from this silly show called Bojack Horseman. One of the characters called it, "The Movie Star Speech" You are the star of a movie and this the part of the movie where you get your heart broken, where the world tests you and the people treat you like sh*t but it has to happen this way otherwise the end of the movie, when you get everything you want, won't feel as rewarding. There are as*holes out there but in the end, They don't matter, Because this movie isn't about them, it's never been about them The movie has been all about you.
  5. It's hard to hold onto your confidence You get filled with worries and self doubt that you start to lose your self value. This post is to help renew and find yourself once again so you can know you true worth. If you find any inspiring or beautiful quotes that express self worth and confidence, go ahead and add them here. You might even brighten up someone who really needs it.
  6. Sometimes, you need to take responsibility for your own happiness. It takes a long time to realize how truly miserable you are and even longer to see that it doesn't have to be that way. Only after you give up everything, can you begin to find a way to be happy.
  7. If you care what other people think, then you're never going to do anything.
  8. It gets easier, everyday it gets a little easier, but you gotta do it everyday. That's the hard part.
  9. What do you think? Is there someone, something, or anything up there watching us, watching over their creations? Or Is it something else or maybe even nothing? Speak for what you believe in.
  10. What do you think.... Is there life outside our planet? Somewhere deep out in the solar system? Or Is it just us out here?
  11. @Loreien You go around the corner with your torch. There's a strange gurgling sound growing louder from each step you take As you venture deeper into the cave you eventually find out where the noise is coming from. Boiling hot Lava. You wipe your brow, the heat making you sweat in the small confided space you're in. There's a stone path barely visible but it's so split apart that you would have to jump from from each platform to platform to make it to the next door up ahead. However, there's strangely an odd out of place brick on your left with a single symbol on it. Whoever made this place seemed to have it booby trapped around every corner and must be hiding something very valuable in here. Should you: 1. Hop over the lava 2. Push in the brick wall
  12. @Loreien I'm going to go with yes
  13. @Hopey Describe your perfect date if someone was trying to woo you lol
  14. @XPsychoBarbieX Thanks for liking my butt XD
  15. @Loreien It's alright and is it 2. Your favorite color is orange?
  16. @Hopey Hello Mademoiselle Would you prefer telling a truth or taking a dare?
  17. ok so the butt is the greatest ting ive ever seen ahaha
  18. @XPsychoBarbieX Sorry that it looks so bad! I'm awful at Photoshop because I've never done it before so i just drew in some things instead. I was bold and bad ass and tried my best
  19. @Komorebi Well lets see. i enjoy things dark and evil . yet im pretty chill . Im up for pretty much anything :D Be bold Be bad ass < life motto lmao
  20. Sorry for being late on seeing this. My 3 lies & a truth. 1. I love country music. 2. My favorite color is orange. 3. I love books. 4. I am a fortune teller.
  21. Is the person famous?
  22. B. Take the torch and look for another way.
  23. @XPsychoBarbieX Give me a while to figure out what ima make you I want it to be goood. Tell me a bit about yourself

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