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All art that is done on the iPad. :) Anyone can join, you don't have to be an iPad artist. The only requirement is that only iPad artwork can be posted in the gallery.


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  2. Draw a pig wearing a witch costume in the desert
  3. I thought this might be a cool game for us to play. So the person above you says an object or subject of what you have to draw, and you draw that and then say what the person after you will draw. - Draw This -
  4. Here you can post links to your process videos. :)
  5. Here's mine: BTW, I used thisat opacity 27% in photoshop, if anyone wants to use it.
  6. If a lot of people participate, I'll have a price for winners. By a lot, I'm thinking 6 people maybe? There are 12 people in the group, including me. All I ask is to please be honest with your results, and if something doesn't apply to you but you need it to make Bingo don't. Alright here is the empty version for you all to fill out: A/N: This is for all artists so if you want some of your friends to play that's totally fine! This group is not exclusively for iPad Art members since anyone can admire the art made here, only the artwork posted in the gallery needs to be iPad Art.
  7. Nocturnia

    She’s a demon thing

    Thank you so much!!
  8. Angie

    She’s a demon thing

    It's beautiful!
  9. OMG, anyone else excited for the new iPad that was just launched? I love how light it's supposed to be, cause honestly mine it's a little bit heavy (12.9 version) & with the new pencil you don't have to charge it so awkwardly anymore, plus we will have a full Photoshop version available!! But sadly I just got mine last year so can't really buy a new one already. :c If my art commissions sold maybe I could of but I'll have to wait for now, maybe next year.
  10. So glad you are liking yours. The iPads are really great for drawing I love it. Can't wait to see some of your art pieces!
  11. From the album: All iPad Art

    I did this on MediBang paint for IPad. I used to use paint tool sai a lot so this program has been an awesome!

    © Nocturnia

  12. Angie

    All iPad Art

    No matter the app used on the iPad, post your art here. :)
  13. Nocturnia


    I was given an Ipad 10.5 inch about a couple of months ago. My tablet was broken and my guardian angel felt bad for me lol I do not have a desk so the IPad makes working on art SO much easier. It dies quickly but thats because I can go for hours, and I usually have brightness cranked up because I cannot see. It feels smoother, but its about the same when it comes to ease. An Ipad case that allows it to fold and sit up is the best! I have a cute cheap one with a pocket for my pencil (i refuse to lose that). It works wonders if you draw on your lap. Not yet but im surely looking! Just Facebook at the moment. Nocturnia J Malis.
  14. Nocturnia

    skye_xoxo @IG

    This is awesome! I cant wait to see this completed
  15. From the album: WIP


    © artisie

  16. Angie


    All the work in progress and step by steps will be posted here :)
  17. From the album: Procreate Art

    Photo Study, using ProCreate App on iPad Pro.

    © artisie

  18. Angie

    Procreate Art

    Post all art made in ProCreate here.
  19. From the album: Procreate Art

    Photo Study of a picture from the.alessa @instagram.

    © Artisie

  20. Angie


    From the album: WIP

    Preludiac @ IG.

    © Artisie

  21. From the album: WIP

    This is my step by step of the draw this in your style challenge by tatimoons.

    © Artisie

  22. Angie


    From the album: WIP

  23. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, my name is Angie. I been drawing/painting traditionally for a while but recently started on the iPad. I tried the Wacom before but I didn’t produce the best pieces because I didn’t practice enough. The iPad feels close enough to how it feels to be drawing on a paper so it’s been easier for me to get the hang of it. Overall, I think that the iPad is such a great tool for artists. Also for students! If anyone needs tips on how to take really good notes using your iPad just let me know I got you 😉 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When did you start using the iPad for your art pieces? About 8 months. Do you like it more than traditional or tablet (such as Wacom) drawings? Yes! I love it. I find it so much easier to draw than the Wacom, but not easier than traditional art since that’s my forte. Is it easier than the other methods you used before? It’s all about practice, the more I practice the easier it is but it was easier to begin drawing than the Wacom. Do you have any tips? My tip is to try and draw something as often as possible because even if it doesn’t look awesome, you’re learning something. Also, watch videos of other artists drawing on the iPad, you’ll maybe learn of a new tool that maybe you didn’t even know existed. Do you know any artists who inspire you with their iPad art? So many! Here is a couple: https://www.patreon.com/jinsunglim/posts https://www.instagram.com/madina_11189/ https://www.instagram.com/bluesssatan/ https://www.instagram.com/bofenglin/ https://www.instagram.com/floortjesart/ https://www.instagram.com/najjwai/ https://www.instagram.com/my.art.school/ Social media info for others to follow? Website: https://www.artisie.com Patreon: http://patreon.com/artisie Twitter: https://twitter.com/aartisie Deviantart: http://artisie.deviantart.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aartisie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artis.ie/ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Angie

    Study 1

    Looks awesome! 🤗
  25. From the album: All iPad Art

    Tool: Ipad Pro 12’9 + Clip Studio

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