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About This Group

This group is for those who are fans of the Pokemon Community. All types tcg, video games, and just pokemon in general.


  1. What's new in this group
  2. I felt deeply saddened when I saw alolan Persian... Anyways, always down to battle hmu
  3. To me I see it as a good gen. I like a lot of the pokemon they had brought out. But I am not someone who is into the competitive seen i just play for fun.
  4. So what does everyone think of the Aloha region and the newest generation of Pokemon? Personally, I think it was a mixed bag but there were a few good Pokemon for competitive play in the newest generation, mythicals and legends aside, including: Tsareena, Toxapex, Primarina and Golisopod.
  5. Wolf17


    We do have a discord group. To join you can click this great link. https://discord.gg/WuAhYv
  6. Aini

    Friend code

    Team Mystic all the way: 5563 8153 7643
  7. Hollena

    Pokemon Eclipse

    Looks interesting
  8. This is where you can put your lucky rare finds. Also to showcase some pokemon you have.
  9. Melina

    Friend code

    My code 9720 9720 2567 Team Valor ❤️
  10. That is a good game. You can play it on a ds simulator on your phone or even laptop now.
  11. So, I would say out of all the pokemon that Leaf Green was maybe my favourite. I had it on my Nintendo DS when I was younger, and it was sooooo good. The memories I don't think I've ever fully completed a pokemon game though, it always got so hard for me towards the end. I wish I still had my DS to replay!
  12. Wolf17

    Friend code

    My code is 2295 8857 7972 I am team Valor
  13. This is where you can put your friend code number so others can add you if you wish to.
  14. Wolf17


    Basic rules. All rules from gasr applys. Be respectful to other. Help others who need help if you can. Share your ideas to others. (Will add more when we have grown.)
  15. Wolf17

    Pokemon Eclipse

    My referral link for pokemon eclipse is https://pkmneclipse.net/signup?s=892565 Please feel free to join and play with the rest of the community. You will have a good time. I promise you that.
  16. This is for those of you who play pokemon eclipse or even want to join pokemon eclipse.

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