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Under construction. For those whom have a love of Wicca, Witchy art work, dark art and much more!


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  2. Hope to have this active soon. I'm so sorry that I haven't been active here I'm just always tired. Please note that in mid October I will be away due to the birth of my baby. So this will probably die again. Also if you have suggestions for topics etc let me know. And if anyone would like to help out with this group to keep it active feel free to pm.
  3. Hi I'm Astro! My real name is CeNedra... I bet you can't pronounce it. ;) LOL. I am from a small city in North Dakota. I'm currently working as a waitress at a local mexican restaurant and about to be starting cosmetology at my local beauty school <3 I really like spooky stuff, wicca, tarot readings, and astrology. I've been studying wicca for about 2-3 months now! I'm really excited to learn more. I am also very shy... but I am friendly! I'm always down to talk and make new friends <3
  4. Hello all! My name is Jasmine (or Mina) ♥ I'm a sophomore in college, trying to major in Early Education or Animal/Plant research. I'm on GASR primarily to buy and enjoy art from various talented artists ♥ I've been on IMVU for 7 years now and I've just started to dip my toes in creating. My passion for Wicca happened maybe 2 years ago when I saw a YouTuber share her lifestyle through her videos. I've always been interested in witch related topics ever since I was a lil babe and I still am to this day!
  5. Just want to apologize to all that I haven't really been doing much lately for the group. Been going through a lot, just hope you all understand.
  6. I'll start; My real name is Kaylee, I'm 24 years of age, currently living in Perth Western Australia. Mummy to be to a baby boy due October 15th. I'm an aspiring digital artist that specialises in gothic and witchy artwork. My work is done with a Wacom tablet and laptop. I've been a content creator (IMVU) for around 5 years, and a digital artist for 11 years, this includes doing - avatar art, badges, icons etc. I have been studying Wicca for the last few years, still learning of course. I have a lot of books related to this as I find it utterly interesting. My love for it came after watching Charmed and The Craft as a young kid. Feel free to introduce yourself below
  7. No Drama. Behave and respect everyone within the group. If you do have an issue with anyone, please take it to PM. Have fun.

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