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All things aesthetically pleasing and based on a whole mood. Create shops, host events, make some topics and have fun! But most of all, make it 【aesthetic】


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  2. - My name is Tammi -I love a lot of asian dishes, particularly Korean spicy food (치즈불닭, 떡볶이) however I also love grilled dishes & japanese dishes - I tend to think about my future a lot, especially while i'm doing my degree, next year is my final year so I have to start thinking about where I go from there - cats, iced coffee's, when i'm focused on my work i tend to be happy as well since i don't feel lazy, when i'm able to understand something in a language i'm learning - i wish i was faster at learning languages
  3. - Hello lovely people, my name is Lucija, but rather call me Lucy, because so many people can't pronounce my real name (outside the borders of Slovenia) - I don't really have favorite food, but I like Italian food and Japan food (sushi <3) - Currently mostly about my master thesis, what to do with myself in future, because I have so many options.. - I'd say my boyfriend, because he's the sweetest! - I wish everyone's future job is something you really enjoy yourself in (probably because of what I've wrote earlier
  4. My name is Rosen, but people call me Rose I'm absolutely obsessed with cheesy baked ziti I think about money, my dog, and how much art I can buy each week Sunsets, dogs, food, and naps make me happy I wish I could have more dogs and more money
  5. Oc's/Ref's: I don't know which to put, so ;; Text: Yeishi Have fun and artistic freedom, Tysm for considering ;o; Sorry I didn't see
  6. remember i said i would totally get around to finishing these HAHAHAHA jokes on u ima finish them!!!! This topic is closed tho till i can finish them all so no more orders pls :D @Vee @LiLMooMoo @TheElf
  7. Hi, welcome to my shop! My name is Sabrina, I’m 19 years old and I’m a college student. I’m re-vamping and reopening my shop for a new cause; my long distance boyfriend and I really want to move in together, but we’re both young and pretty broke. So I’m switching into save mode, scrounging every penny I can, and trying to raise funds. I’m aware that my art is experimental, and I’m doing my best in continuing to improve it. Anyway, if you’d like to buy to support or if you just enjoy my art, this shop is open and I promise I’ll try my hardest with every single piece! R U L E S P R I C I N G / P A Y M E N T Follow all GASR TOS, of course! Please don’t rush me! I work as quick as I can Approximately 2 weeks is the maximum deadline I give myself, but it can fluctuate depending on what i have going on Be specific with your references Screenies are okay but I prefer references If I've already started a piece and you skip out on payment, I reserve the right to sell it as a premade This will occur 72 hours after the final WIP was shown if there is no explained request for an extension Do’s Dont’s Couples Nekos Piercings Blood/Soft Gore Fan art Mechs Full furries Hard Gore NSFW* Animations *mature commissions are open via pm if you are 18+ Style 1 Bust: $5 Waist-Up: $10 Couples: +50% Style 2 Head: $4 Full Body: $8 Couples: $13* *Only available in full body Please send all payments in USD to my paypal after completion of art.. Please send as goods and services and make sure to check off NO shipping address. Please post proof after payment, or PM it to me. E X A M P L E S (newest > oldest) 1.A Slightly more anime style, cell shading and small nose. Results will be most like the newest example. 1.B This style is a more normally cartoony style, striving towards semi-realistic. More dramatic and blended shading and highlights. Results are fairly even for now on this style, the hair will be more like the two newest examples. 2.A This is my simple paper doll style! This subsection of the style will include a simple full body “chibi”, and a dp crop. Simple poses for this style, please. 2.B ;) This subsection of the style consists of only the paper doll’s head, transparent and on a background of your choosing (if you want.) You will receive a large version and a small version. F O R M Style: References: Text: Extra: Price: Credit:
  8. I'm surprised that more people haven't asked about mod positions, I figured they'd be all over that + WHAT DOES CHOICE MEAN? I'm sorry, I only asked till now lmao I have no idea what it means, but it seems like a good thing so

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