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Graphic Arts Services & Requests
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About This Group

Tutorials, resources and assests, feedback and couching


Arts & Crafts
  1. What's new in this group
  2. Aini


    adorable! I love the little smile and the hair!
  3. Aini

    Final Critiques

    Let's see I think I see a few things that might help you :) First I'd give the arms a bit more shape and shadows to add more dimension and weight to them. Especially shading near the elbow and armpits would work wonders on these two! Regarding the larger lips, I think your style relly draws towards drawing bigger upper lips. I'd recommend selecting them and shrinking them by like 10~15% and they should look even cuter than they already do! For the hair I'd recommend trying to draw them in sections, I think this DA image explains that a bit better: I'd also add in some loose strands since hair is always flowy and going everywhere, but thats my personal taste and might not be to your liking <3 I hope this doesn't look harsh, I like your style as it is! It's super cute :)
  4. Levudazed

    Final Critiques

    Hmmm how about this one? It just.... I just don't like it, I don't know what it is that is throwing me off so much
  5. Levudazed

    Final Critiques

    I feel like the mouth is what makes this one look so bad...and also the hair. lol Any tips for this one?
  6. Good Day students As you already see, Art School forums and artwork sections still under construction, though i love to build this things it is imposible to me to get all the job done, so i am openning a few Student Council Members Slots (Moderators) Which would it be people who can help a little bit with the Group. Please let me know who wanted to take a chance to do so.
  7. Uliel

    Final Critiques

    Glad that this help you
  8. Levudazed

    Final Critiques

    Wow! That looks so much better already lol, thank you! I'll definitely go back and make those changes
  9. Uliel

    Final Critiques

    Made some little ajusments: -Hair dinamics -smaller mouth
  10. Levudazed

    Final Critiques

    Here is my most recent, sorry for the heavy watermark lol posted it on IMVU and you know how that goes lol I feel like I need the most help with hair and lips, I feel like I'm steadily improving in almost everything else, except those. Any tips?
  11. Uliel


    Doing some commissions
  12. Uliel


    Name Uliel Rol President of the Student Council Favorite Artist Too many About I been drawing since i was 12 Years but always eventually, i start to take it seriously when i quite my job 3 years ago and start to living of it. But still i feel i need to learn a lot!
  13. Uliel

    Video Tutorials

    A little portrait Process, sorry they speak Chinese i guess.
  14. Uliel


    Talk about anything! this is the Break time.
  15. Weebus


    I'm Weebus! I just prefer to be called Weebus.. or Weebu, lol. I've been drawing all my life really, then developed a passion for writing. I stopped drawing for a good few years, then started back up with digital drawing. I began with a mouse, doing simple edits than treated myself to a tablet since it was easier to draw that way. I can say I've been doing art for 2+ years, I really haven't been keeping count due to college. What I expect out of this group is to further develop my skill by my senpais.
  16. Uliel


  17. Uliel


    Al your digital stuffs here babes!
  18. Uliel

    images (1).jpg

    From the album: Pop/Modern Art

  19. Uliel

    Pop Art

  20. Uliel

    Anime and Comics References

  21. Uliel

    Classical Art

  22. Uliel

    Final Critiques

    Ask for a good feedback on your FINAL works.
  23. Uliel


    Ask questions about anything related your art process, a Sempai probably will answering you soon.

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