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  2. This is absolutely gorgeous
  3. If you are still looking for Moderators, I would love to help out and get everyone more motivated for art!!
  4. Hi! My name is Nicole, though for art I like to go by Akira Minami; like a pen-name. I am 19 years old, almost 20. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and spinal issues; so art and streaming/video gaming are my main go-to's. I have been doing art basically my entire life. In 9th grade, I started getting a little more into it as I got put into an advanced art class (due to the normal class being full). I started getting more serious around 2 and 1/2 years ago when I moved 8 hours away from all of my friends and family. Being secluded left me way more depressed than usual, with nothing to do so I bought a drawing pad around November of 2017. School left me pre-occupied for the most part, so I didn't get really serious about art until about August or so of 2018, right before I graduated from online school. Now, being graduated and not able to get a job due to my spinal issues, I do art daily if I can practicing and practicing to improve myself. I am not the best at art, but I am at a place where I like how my art looks, unlike a while back when I hated my art completely. I hope to improve and continue improving for as long as I can. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.
  5. Bringing this thread back from 2018 into 2019! Hi my name is Niko! I am a self-taughtie that lurks Gasr and 5ever remains loyal to Gimp.
  6. Hi! Im Ash. Ive been drawing most of my life- but have been taking it seriously the passed four years on and off (Bad habit of mine) But have been daily drawing the last 2 weeks; Hopefully after some more studying I can draw some of you guys :)
  7. Hello! I'm Lou and I've been drawing digitally for 3-4 years, but I'm definitely not thorough with how often I draw. I usually take huge art breaks and then I get back to it for a couple of months. I'm now back on GASR hoping I can draw more frequently to keep improving
  8. Hi- I'm Nic, I've been using imvu for 7/8 years and I started drawing digitally about 6 years ago! I originally drew with a mouse (oh boy, that was awful) and then my mom got me a drawing tablet. I've really enjoyed drawing for a long time and I hope to continue improving.
  9. Hey everyone! Im Nocturnia. Ive been a member of imvu for..wow alot of years lol. I guess 8 or 9. I have been an artist far less amount of years but I remember getting my start in imvu groups and gasrs premade shops. Its pretty neat to see how far along the site has come. Im a shy person so the fact I said this much amazes me lol. But dont be afraid to approach!
  10. DIA


    Started working on this digital painting today. Any suggestions? I know nose is off and I still got a few things to fix Hope you like it, maybe I'll sell it
  11. Hello fellow artists! My name is Lucija, I'm from Slovenia, currently studying Art education. Managed to survive 24 springs 😂 I'm a member on IMVU for almost 10 years (gosh how time flies 😱) and also a member of GASR, very early while it was still on IMVU forums, and not separated as today. I really missed the community of this forum, it helped me trough tough times in my teenage years. Thankfully my boyfriend encouraged me to join the group again, to start creating one more time with greater purpose. In last few years I spent more time working in traditional art (because of my studies). I owed pen tablet a few years back but it broke, but thanks to my precious friends and family got a new one this year for my birthday. I love art since I can remember, so hopefully you can enjoy my as well. ❤️ Love Lucija
  12. Hello. I'm Loreien. I've been on imvu a long time, and picked up digital art there. It's been awhile since I've made a dp, due to life situations. I am an artist and crafter in real life. i love watercolors. I want to get back into digital art and learn some new things. :D
  13. I typically draw a lot of females, so this video really helped me ! Sara Tepes has a lot of tutorials besides this one as well; one for eyes, lips, blending, and advice for other things
  14. just a piece im workin on for my friend cat
  15. doing homework, gotta finish this fast! t.t
  16. I recommend sinix too! I think along with his anatomy videos, this one is very important! Teaches you how to use hard and soft edges in your art (which you'll see a lot of in classical paintings). REALLY improved my colouring.
  17. @Ariana @Aleksander Thank you'll for the compliment, and I can totally see what you mean about the pose. The shoulders are definitely way too small! I'll keep working on it!
  18. Hello! My name is Belle. I have been trying to learn digital art for a lil over a year now. I still have a lot of trouble with hair and details. I am 26, and I live in Ohio. I am never sure what else to say in an introduction. hehe. I am a big fan girl, and I love to buy art as much as I like to make it. I aspire to be a really good artist, even though I still have a long way to go.
  19. Uliel


    Handsome indeed! impressed about the amount of details.
  20. I suggest Sinix Design channel. He teaches a wide variety about art, giving tips and makes you think things in a different way. Very informative channel for artist of all medium.
  21. HIT0SHI

    HIT0SHI Works

    Following Uliel's album haha. Not very imvu related stuff. I have the habit of drawing males...ALOT *ehem* Do give me some feedback
    nice render ... that's some huge asset
  22. Hi , I'm HIT0SHI. Been drawing digitally for about 4-5 years now and is a poor uni art student hahah That is all!

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