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Is it Halloween yet? We welcome anyone who is a lover of magick and/or interested in crystals, astrology, and more!


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  2. @Pantone YAAAS. I love capsule's art When they announced a BUTT TON of halloween dp's I JUST HAAAAD TO. AND OMG THAT SOUNDS SO CUTE!!!!!!! I'm going as a witch to school (something salon friendly), and at night I'm going as Mimikyu from pokemon heck i just love halloween so much
  3. p.s. I am going as "Witch" Frizzle - a witch version of Ms. Frizzle, complete with skeleton lizard on my shoulder & pointed hat. :D making my own dress with felt cut-outs of a crystal ball, planchette, spellbook, etc. <3
  4. u right it's been a rough october, but I hope the rest of it will be good!!!
  5. Hey! I’m Ezra, and I write and draw all things horror. I’m new to the forums but I’ve been creating since I was young. I just graduated college even though I spent all of my lectures doodling instead of paying attention. I’ve always been fascinated by morbid and metaphysical topics. I used to do taxidermy before I moved, but unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to macerate bones in a small apartment. Nice to meet you all!
  6. /me pets Astro's head Shh shh, it's alright. Witches gotta work.
  7. I love tarot, I have a few different decks, mostly cause I love the art.
  8. sorry i've been so afk, I've literally been working 3 jobs lately and gasr won't work on my phone... i'll try to be more active <3 also happy spooky month!!!
  9. ~runs threw thread screaming " THIS IS HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN!"~
  10. 🎃Pumpkin: What is your favorite season? honestly summer cuz i hate the cold. 👻Ghost: Do you get scared easily? Not really. 🎃Candy Corn: What is your favorite kind of candy? Lindor chocolates 👻Vampire: What is your favorite supernatural creature? werewolf 🎃Witch: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Immortality 👻Trick or Treat: What was your favorite Halloween costume? Last years i did some crazy gore sfx which was my fav so far 🎃Black Cat: Are you superstitious? no 👻Ouija Board: If you could change your name, what would you change it to? something that starts wth an S 🎃Graveyard: Do you know any good scary stories? The scary stories to tell in the dark series are still my hands down fav scary stories 👻Skeleton: Have you ever broken a bone? no 🎃Werewolf: What is your favorite urban legend? good ol fashioned picking up a ghost hitchhiker 👻Horror Flick: Do you like scary movies? If so, which one is your favorite? 🎃Haunted House: Would you prefer to live in the city or the country? 50/50 i like having things to do in the city but i dislike people soo lol 👻Zombie: Do you think that you could survive a zombie apocalypse?yup . sorry for killing you in advance. 🎃Mummy: What is your biggest fear? millipedes 👻Bat: Do you have any pets? i have a rottie and doberman one black cat one white with a green eye and a blue one . snakes , reptiles fish . 🎃Cauldron: What kind of potion would you make if you had the opportunity? an invisibility potion 👻Full Moon: Do you prefer nighttime or daytime? nightime 🎃Corn Maze: What is your favorite autumn activity? buying things for halloween lol 👻Broomstick: What exciting places have you traveled to? Motorcycle rallies are always exciting lol
  11. Hello Im Psy . Im 36 years old from Canada . I adore all things spooky and gorey . Halloween is my lifeblood. Ive been around imvu for 8 years . Im an officer in Badge Fetish there so if ya like badges stop on by lol Love art and always enjoy learning new things ! Stay spooky my friends.
  12. Been working on some premades for halloween . i think they are spookyish lol
  13. TARGET IS ON POINT THIS YEAR. The "chiseled"/angular skulls? MMMMMM.
  14. SAME! lol. I went to michaels about a month ago actually and started decorating!!! Target is also setting up their halloween stuff so I'M EXCITED!!
  15. Disclaimer: I am not a seasoned witch or tarot reader, I am still learning everyday. You can practice these in any way you like. There are no set rules. These are just the ways I like to practice and this is to help others who may need a little direction. If you want to try any of these please do your research!!! <3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Practice: Wicca, Tarot, and Astrology Wicca - I don't practice wicca daily. I usually practice once a week since I am still quite new with it. To start the weekly ritual, I'll usually cast a circle, light a candle/incense, think of something I would like to change, then meditate on it. It might be through a spell, sigil, whatever I feel is needed that day. Sometimes I will hold a charged crystal that has something to do with the change I am looking for. (ex. Rose Quartz for love, Jade for Good Fortune, etc.) And when I feel it's the right time to end the ritual, I will thank any deities that helped me that day and extinguish the candle. Resources: I usually get all my information on an app called Amino (IOS) under the Pagans and Witches community. The community is very welcoming and has helped me a lot in becoming a great witch! Otherwise I just look info up on the internet. Tarot - I don't practice tarot as much as I used to. But I still love doing it. I usually like to get in a almost meditative state before I do a reading. Lo-fi instrumental music helps me a lot. I like to pick music that I don't know and that has no lyrics so I don't get distracted. Then once I feel completely at ease, I shuffle my deck and pick which spread would help me through whatever situation I am going through. Then I draw the cards and read. Resources: Most of my resources are from books and, again, the Pagans and Witches Amino app. The books I have used are Practicing Magic and The Wild and Unknown Tarot Guidebook. I use the Pagan and Witches Amino app for different spreads and different and fun ways to try tarot. Everything else I had read up online. Astrology - I use astrology a lot in my readings and in wicca. I like to believe it is a big part of me and is what lead me to wicca and tarot! I learned astrology very, very slowly over the past 4 years. I slowly learned all the different signs, tought myself the chart and how it works. Astrology takes time just as much as the others do but once you understand each personality of the signs it gets so much easier! Resources: I mostly just used the internet as well as the Co-Star app for IOS. The Pagans and Witches Amino app also has a lot of useful information on Astrology. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all for now! Thank you for reading <3 Also add me on Pagan and Witches: @Astrosi !!!! <3
  16. My Practice: Tarot How?: Some tips that help me are: classical music, a lit candle, something to fondle with my hands (like a stone), having a clean (flat) surface, sounds (phone, desktop notifications) muted. Resources?: Golden Thread Tarot App - especially for those who don't have a glossary or are learning. Being a tech witch and owning the specific deck is really handy for readings on the fly. Labrynithos Academy (spelling?) - You can learn tarot be means for flashcard-based learning with their mobile app!
  17. Hiiiiiieeeeee! Made a thread to talk about what / how you practice. always looking to learn, always interested on how folks work. share tips, resources, stories. <3
  18. I uh.. already decorated for Halloween. Yesterday, Sept. 1.

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