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  2. heyy, i'm new here. my name's nessa! i'm 20, turning 21 in nov this year and i live in california. my entire teenage years were filled playing dragon age, mass effect, and skyrim! i've made several ocs based off my video game characters. :D i also enjoy diablo 3, overwatch, borderlands, stardew valley, and eso! unfortunately my laptop is absolute crap so i often have fps troubles, but hopefully i'll have my own gaming pc in a few months of saving! feel free to hmu if anyone wants my steam id/battletag
  3. He's Ok! I feel like I can't really get into playing him but I do see if played right how he can be a valuable healer and team mate!
  4. Hi 2019, how do we feel about Baptiste? Mains: Orisa, Mercy, Junkrat, D.VA
  5. Milkpaw


    Drop yo origins here for anybody who plays Apex ill tidy this up in a bit
  6. https://gyazo.com/b30161e90da7d2e1f35729891fe9a18f classic w friends :3
  7. Came here to make WoW friends.
  8. Noystic

    Steam IDs

  9. If anyone plays L4D2 please add me aaaaaa https://steamcommunity.com/id/rizzuu if u don't play feel free to do it anyways XD
  10. Cry :c I can't believe I just saw this :c I never got this tag if you were still down to want to squad up my name on there is HisFlareon /.\
  11. Hi! I'm Sarah, I'm 24 years old and I'm from the Sunshine State [Florida]. I've always seemed to have a love for gaming as long as I could remember. It was probably a friend of mine in Elementary school that got me into gaming. First gaming console was the PlayStation 1 and after that my addiction only got worse. I currently have a PS3, my first PC [im a mac user], a 3DS & the Nintendo Switch. I love all sorts of games but I mainly enjoy playing Fortnite, Overwatch, Pokemon, Spyro, The Legend of Zelda, & Crash. If you wanna game ever I'm down. all my real life friends are usually busy which leaves me gaming alone :c I'm not so great at Overwatch and Fortnite but I try my best ;w;
  12. EUW: Hosuli everyone can add ;]
  13. Hi there! I'm Sophie and I'm 21 and from Scotland I was always interested in games, since I was a lil bby. Nah but my dad is a massive gamer and I always had some sort of console. My mum isn't fond of it so I can't do it at the moment but I will hopefully get back into it. I love playing ps4 and low spec PC games because I have 4GB of RAM.. RIP me. My favourite games are Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Diablo 3, Abe's Oddysee, Neverwinter Nights, and other things that I can't think of right now I have a PSN and a steam if anyone wan play sometime ye ye
  14. If anybody plays R6 / Warframe / Last Year / DBD @ me bc I need people on those games :(
  15. NA: Chubbu Mains: Jinx, Sona, & Neeko
  16. idk anyone but yo i like league and its all i do NA IGN@ Jis & willing ya i basically come up with some pretty great names uwu
  17. NA: MommaCal I play Lissandra mid and some ranged supports. I am boosted in life tho so don't trust me in any game.
  18. Hello~ I'm Cal. I'm a 20 year old from the USA. I started gaming around the time I started high school. I mostly play League of Legends right now because its all my shitty laptop can handle. I hope I can get a better one soon. MMOs are what got me into games and I love them. I'm looking forward to some up and coming ones, Ashes of Creations and Lost Ark in particular. Hopefully I can play them they drop.
  19. sxts

    Other Games

    anyone got fall out 76 for pc
  20. Trash

    Other Games

    wOOPS my bad, i might've rejected it lol and also did not get this tag i'll pm u <3
  21. Sam

    Steam IDs

    Add me as well!!! ^-^/ Just a brief overview: I play lots of MapleStory 2, and Warframe lately but can play anything I got or stuff that you think I might be interested in too! Steam Profile
  22. I got a level 50 some bard with etc. alt characters! But last AK I played was the private server one ;c
  23. Sam

    Other Games

    @Pey @umbreon @Trash LEZGOO, I really need me a squad that I can rely on when I'm feeling some fortnite vibes. Spent $ on the last few season but never had the right people or time to play it so let's make it happen guys!!! I'll start by adding Trash/VBucc ~~~~ Also does anyone play MapleStory 2 by chance? I've been obsessing over it lately.

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