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Just a safe and relaxing place to make friends with like minded people, have fun conversations about art, music, anime, games or anything that makes you happy and just have fun. ♡ Still under construction so please don't mind the mess!


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  2. ✼ Name/nickname: Gemsicle/Gem ( Ebbi for those that know me well or well enough) ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 25 ✼ Favorite weather(s): Spring and Autumn ✼ Food you love: Anything that has potatoes! lol Avocados, cheese, tea, I love mediterranean food and Italian, favorite treat is cheesecake ✼ Food you hate/allergic to: Nothing actually "#Blessed" lmao Okay maybe some sneezes here and there when allergy season hits ✼ A few artists that you adore: WLOP, Heise ✼ Music you listen to: Christian music, then its pop/indie genres sometimes lo-fi chill streams and classical ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: Cloud Atlas, Last Kingdom, Currently on season 3 of Riverdale, and I love reality shows like 90 Day Fiance ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? I don't watch anime as much as I used to, but some of my favorites were Eureka 7, Chobits , Fruits Basket, aaaand Space Dandy ✼ Favorite animal(s): I love all animals but DOGS FOREVER (Also, have you ever heard of the raccoon dog?) ✼ Favorite color(s): Blue (You can probably tell by now) I also grew up loving the color yellow ✼ Pet peeve(s): Being treated like you were born yesterday, people in higher positions on power trips, being misunderstood, having my kindness being taken advantage of or for granted, loud people, smacking eaters ✼ Hobbies: Digital art, Watching shows with my Mom ✼ Likes: Festivals, humble people, being inspired, the beach, the sky, traveling ✼ Dislikes: Art block, road rage, bullies, ignorance, users, people who keep playing the victim, an everyone owes me mentality ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: Make friends and sell artwork ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: Dedication to rising gasr artist that are not as well known yet (like myself hurr hurr hurr) ✼ What do you most want people to know about who you are?: I'm approachable and kind (but I'm also not a push over) anyway... let's be friends!
  3. LOL this is so late but tysm! ( ;∀;)
  4. I love your name sm! c: Also, loving your art ;u;
  5. favorite themes are monochrome and aliens umm I really like purples, blues, greys greens, and different reds for color palettes crops are essential but I also love large art. @Amaya
  6. Hey! My name is Star and I wanna be a concept artist or illustrator one day Just looking for friends to share and talk with I also like magical witch themes and hopefully i'll make more art related to that I also have a discord if you wanna add me there ; u ; starpanda190#2822
  7. i saw poutine so now im hUNGRY AAAAA ALL THIS FOOD LOOKS SUPER DUPER GOOD!!
  8. Okay okay, I have a question for everyone. What kind of things are you interested in most? So like, in terms of customs, do you prefer larger sizes with DP crops? And on premades, what is your favourite theme to see, a favourite gender, certain colour palettes etc? I'm really trying to practice drawing at the moment, and it'd be nice to practice drawing things others really enjoy as well because for me it really helps on feedback!
  9. ✼ Name/nickname: Joy, Lems, Joylioncat ✼ Favorite weather(s): Weather that's not too cold, not too hot but still more to the warm side, perfect time to go out and have fun with friends but also comfortable at home (even though I'm always comfortable at home). ✼ Food you love: Ice cream and Bubble tea (I crave it all year round) ✼ Food you hate/allergic to: Shrimp, asparagus, sea food in general... ✼ A few artists that you adore: Jyundee (I live for their painting), Ross draws, Magion02, Hyanna Natsu just to name a few. ✼ Music you listen to: I mostly like to listen to lofi music, k-pop, j-pop or whatever plays on the radio. Namely Snail House (lofi), BLACKPINK, Twice, Red Velvet (k-pop), AKB48, anime music, Yunomi (J-pop). ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: I'm not really into movies or TV shows.... ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? SOO MANY... I'll just list some genres I like: romance, shoujo, shounen, comedy, harem, slice of life, action, horror, adventure, music. ✼ Favorite animal(s): MY CATTT!! ✼ Favorite color(s): most pastel colors, black and white, red, dark colors (navy blue) ✼ Pet peeve(s): When people spell words weirdly (ex. Yea = yes, Ya= you, Ya isn't the same thing as yea) ✼ Hobbies: Drawing, watching anime/reading manga, staying up late, shopping but i mostly just draw and read manga/watch anime ✼ Likes: good grades, art, food, idk... ✼ Dislikes: not much ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: I'm super new here (literally just made an account today), I'm still exploring this website and figuring out how to use everything. ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: I don't know what to expect from this site so I'll hope for the best. Maybe I'll make some friends!
  10. i jus found pan fried cinnamon bananas
  11. We could never forget about yumi bb, she's a blessing
  12. aww that's good to hear!! i've been good too as well. and also I don't think I could ever forget about you silly lol
  13. @Mya OMG you're so cute, thank you love! i'm alright just catching up on the customs i have and all but I AM HERE! i hope you've been well too? and thank you for not forgetting bout me
  14. @Ayumi awww hi yumi i missed you and your art, i hope you're doing good lovely
  15. Everyone already knows I'm clingy af, imagine how my bf feels AHAHAHHAAHA
  16. @Amaya SAYS YOUR CLINGY BUTT I CAN EXPOSE U TOO @Inerlime omg i feel so bad i thought i had responded but im doing well bb thank you so much for asking, hope what you said still applies and you're doing just as great! ♥♥
  18. ✼ Name/nickname: my name's Jessica, but I got by Jess, Jessie, Senpai, or pup ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 20 ✼ Favorite weather(s): I like spring and fall because it's not to hot and it's not too cold ✼ Food you love: tacos, sushi, and anything with Matcha in it ✼ Food you hate/allergic to:. TOMATOS 🍅🤢🤮 ✼ A few artists that you adore: I adore @Naptime @Adorelee and tbh I love everyone ✼ Music you listen to: metal or punk ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: movies, anything horror ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? I do sometimes, I like Tokyo ghoul and other horror themed animes ✼ Favorite animal(s): tigers, cats, foxes, and pandas ✼ Favorite color(s): blue, and any pastel color except yellow ✼ Pet peeve(s): drama ✼ Hobbies: I draw/paint, I play piano, uh and I mostly just sleep ✼ Likes: my wifey @Wrath, ddlg, petplay, kawaii/pastel things ✼ Dislikes: swaggy people , politics, or anything related to double ass shows like the Kardashians ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: Buy all the arts ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: anything I'm not picky as long as everyone is nice ✼ What do you most want people to know about who you are?: I'm a pain in the butt. But I'll always be a true friend even if I don't know you well I will always be here for you
  19. ✼ Name/nickname: Lacey but Lace or Wrath works as well ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 22 ✼ Favorite weather(s): Autumn weather where its not cold out ✼ Food you love: French fries, Pizza, Strawberries. ✼ Food you hate/allergic to:Tomatoes and pineapple on pizza ✼ A few artists that you adore: @Baah @Adorelee @Naptime and my wifeypoo @Senpai ✼ Music you listen to: almost anything but mostly bands like Too close to touch, rock covers of songs,and singers like halsey and ofc melanie martinez♥ ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: there are so many... i love the ghibli films though as well as the harry potter films! ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? seven deadly sins, charlotte, Bleach ✼ Favorite animal(s): Foxes, red pandas, Giraffes, otters ✼ Favorite color(s): Baby pink, Baby blue and black ✼ Pet peeve(s): Being lied to, getting woken up early, obxniously loud people. ✼ Hobbies: playing world of warcraft, listening to youtube, watching netflix, chatting with friends. ✼ Likes: Zelda,Badges, Harry potter, Cute things, Kindness, Halloween, Kingdom hearts, disney ✼ Dislikes: Liars,Clowns,extremely rude people,adulting, humidity, snowstorms, judmental people. ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: mostly lurk admiring artists artwork, but also tend to pop out and comment /chat with new people ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: the group seems put together well enough so far so i have no idea ✼ What do you most want people to know about who you are?: i'm very introverted but try and break out of my shell to make new friends and meet new people(i need more friends but am alien to making new friends). i can be grumpy but i promise underneath all that grump im a lovebug xD♥

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