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Just a safe and relaxing place to make friends with like minded people, have fun conversations about art, music, anime, games or anything that makes you happy and just have fun. ♡ Still under construction so please don't mind the mess!


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  2. GoatSketch

    Introduce yourself!

    ✼ Name/nickname: Goat ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 21 ✼ Hobbies: Drawing, gaming, and collecting BJDs ✼ Likes: Stuffed animals, sunflower seeds, alternative fashion, and animals ✼ Dislikes: Ending up with an ugly sketch in a sketchbook that was intended for nice sketches, and not being able to afford all the ball-jointed dolls that I want. ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR: Stalk topics ✼ What you would like to see in our group: Anything, really. I don't have a particular thing in mind.
  3. Jahh

    ❈ Art sharing - discussions

    so uhm i drew a pickle and i'm very proud of it.
  4. Jahh

    ♪ Music

    my current mood right now is this song
  5. Inerlime

    ☆ Chitchat

    I am okay, and what are you up to?
  6. Cupid


    Hey guys! We have made a discord server for this group. This way we can all come together and bond over there since we figured most of you guys have discord and use it frequently, if not every day. It is also more convenient for us to plan movie/anime/game nights for all of us! Join us here : https://discord.gg/R8dxx44 The server has been deleted, but we will create it again in the future if demand is high enough.
  7. Announcements ✩ pls keep it appropriate, no EC as GASR rules obviously apply. also, make sure to follow the Community Guidelines.
  8. Ayumi

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Inerlime i'm doing pretty good hun!! what about yourself? ♥
  9. Inerlime

    ☆ Chitchat

    Thank you!!! So how do you do?
  10. Ayumi

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Xunjo ahh LOOL that would be kinda confusing mhm, but you should do what you want so dont let anything stop you! ♥ You're very welcome, i think the latest piece i got from her was a year ago..? or something like that LOL and yay for cute arts oh look, its not a bear this time LOL i have too many of them bookmarked tbh.. like 5 pages at least.. @Inerlime hi hi and welcome!!! ♥
  11. Inerlime

    ☆ Chitchat

    Hi guys. How is everyone! I am new at this... Obviously… These groups? Idk...
  12. Xunjo

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Ayumi LOL you have no idea how much that makes me laugh. Not long ago I had thought to change my name on here to Yumi, since Emily had changed her name LOL. She told me to go for it, but I felt it'd cause too much confusion so I never did it . Thankies tho hun, I haven't had art from Sorcelly since like.. 2016?? So yeah it's been a minute, we'll gets cute art together soon too dun you worry! (as if yours isn't cute too! you get arts from yourself whenever you want it missy xD)
  13. @Flix oh no it's cool! Takes your time of course, just popped back to check in :3 Understandable you'd like to spend your off time not always doing stuffs lol. We're here when you're ready
  14. @Xunjo Yes we are still doing this, I just got hella lazy and sucked into games when I had my days off so I haven't really been active on GASR and what not so dw it will happen at some point within this year xx LMAOOO (maybe the next few days but don't trust me on that)
  15. Ayumi

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Xunjo im so sleepy that i tried to tag myself LOOOL that wuold have looked so weird ; - ; .. also i won't stress myself outttt. + your dp is super cute im jelly!
  16. @Flix are we still doing dis?
  17. Xunjo

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Ayumi don't stress yourself out of course hun, this stuff is supposed to be fun for everyone . Excited to see all the new beautiful stuff you make, and SUPER excited for my custom when it's my turn EEE! @Hollena hihi! congrats on making it to your 50th post! Have you been enjoying GASR? heh
  18. HippieDippie

    Food Love

    This is such a bad group for a fat kid . I have to cover my mouth and shut my tummy up because im drool and hungry!!!!!!! Im READY TO EAT!
  19. Ayumi

    ☆ Chitchat

    @Xunjo oo i think that sounds good, maybe if i dont have too much time i can just offer a premade, and maybe some discounts. gah i have so many things going on LOL atm im just focusing on my shop since it's close to the deadline for a few more customs, gon get that done first before anything so i dont have to stress last minute. ; - ; ♥ @Hollena hello there!! ♥
  20. y'all fucking rock i'll drop some i've found useful: this user has amazing tutorials. i also don't think there's any EC but NSFW warning in case as well :^) Horns Landscaping (sorta) coloring poc!! (full by peachdeluxe on tumblr) magic/fire tutorials
  21. This is life-saving.
  22. Hollena

    ☆ Chitchat


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