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Enjoy a variety of things, such as gaming, memes, anime, and a nice lil community. Please remember to: - Keep it SFW and follow community guidelines - No spamming - No offensive memes or comments - Respect other members inside this group


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  2. Hi lemme answer 1001 questions u never wanted to know about me G E N E R A L ───────────── Name: Rose Nickname: Ket Age: 23 Birthday: 24 July Ethnicity: White af Gender: F Relationship Status: basically married at this point P E R S O N A L ───────────── What's your Hogwart's House?: Slytherin or Ravenclaw (just did one of those dumb quizzes to prove and point and got Ravenclaw oof) What do you do after work/school?: Draw mostly, read before bed if I can. What's something you love doing?: Watching movies and reading Describe your personality in 3 words: Sarcastic, probably annoying What's your guilty pleasure?: Modern pop music Are you religious?: No but I grew up religious Do you shower before or after bed?: Before, I ain't ganna wake up at 3am to shower before work mate. What's your pet peeve?: People who complain about things within their control. Eg: ''I have no money'' and then continues to buy food out every day this week. bruh. Least favorite word: Any sort of word used to describe private parts of females. They all so nasty. F A V O R I T E S ───────────── Favorite Color: I ain't 10 so I don't really have a fave but I do really like orange/gold Favorite Movie: Pacific rim cus I'm scum Favorite Game: Pokemon probs Favorite Animal: Orcas Favorite Food: Udon noodles. IDC what with, they're just so gooood Favorite Smell: Anything floral Favorite Song: currently: Made in Abyss OST - Tomorrow Favorite Book: The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb Favorite Drink: Dr Pepper Favorite Boy Name: Charlie Favorite Girl Name: Eleanore or Ophelia Favorite Shows: Daredevil, Legion, Idiot Abroad, Westworld and Hannibal Favorite Chips: ??? OH U MEAN CRISPS. Urh probably Wotsits Favorite Style of Food: Pretty vague but asian? Mainly Japanese or Korean Favorite Vacation Spot: Anything with a naturally beautiful environment like Greeces sea and Icelands waterfalls Favorite Season: Which ever isn't currently going on right now. So summer. Favorite Holiday: I went to a Greek island called Zante and hired a boat to drive out to the white caves and swam in open sea. I'd love to go back. Favorite Sport: Swimming. Favorite Fast Food: Kabab Favorite Icecream: Chocolate Favorite Tea: Earl Grey or Mint
  3. Hi I'm dumb and I think ur like a 3 I vaguely recognise ur username and can't remember why
  4. ─ G E N E R A L ─ ─────────── Name: Kathryn (ew) Nickname: Kori Age: 24 Birthday: August 23rd Ethnicity: just..so white Gender: Female ─ P E R S O N A L ─ ──────────── What's your Hogwart's House?: Slytherin What do you do after work/school?: Usually play games. What's something you love doing?: Playing with my ratties and gaming. Describe your personality in 3 words: Nervous, kind, perfectionist What's your guilty pleasure?: Cheesy rom coms Are you religious?: no Do you shower before or after bed?: before What's your pet peeve?: hearing people eat and being pestered Least favorite word: moist ─ F A V O R I T E S ─ ───────────── Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Movie: Scott Pilgrim or any Disney movie ever. Favorite Game: Overwatch and Portal 2 Favorite Animal: Panda Bear and Rats Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Smell: Right before it rains Favorite Song: Rosemary- Deftones Favorite Book: too many tbh Favorite Drink: La Croix and Coffee Favorite Boy Name: Aiden Favorite Girl Name: Clara Favorite Shows: Friends and AHS, Cooking Shows Favorite Chips: Hot Cheetos Favorite Style of Food: Asian Favorite Vacation Spot: Don't have one Favorite Season: Winter and Fall Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite Sport: UFC Favorite Fast Food: Panda Express Favorite Icecream: Vanilla Favorite Tea: Green Tea
  5. ─ G E N E R A L ─ ─────────── Name: Jahh Nickname: Jahh Age: 22 Birthday: Sept 10, 1996 Ethnicity: African American Gender: Female Relationship Status: solo dolo ─ P E R S O N A L ─ ──────────── What's your Hogwart's House?: - slytherin What do you do after work/school?: sleep or video games. What's something you love doing?: swimming more than anything. Describe your personality in 3 words: corky, weird, energetic What's your guilty pleasure?: french fries. Are you religious?: no not really. Do you shower before or after bed?: before. What's your pet peeve?: please close your mouth when you chew damn. Least favorite word: lol don't have one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ─ F A V O R I T E S ─ ───────────── Favorite Color: blue all shades Favorite Movie: dreams girls Favorite Game: the sims Favorite Animal: dragons Favorite Food: french fries Favorite Smell: puppy breath or wood Favorite Song: daniel caesar streetcar Favorite Book: models don't eat chocolate cookies. Favorite Drink: sweet tea or ice cold cherry pepsi from glass bottle Favorite Boy Name: Ravi Favorite Girl Name: Zyaire Favorite Shows: MHA, friends, big mouth, black clover, steven universe many more. Favorite Chips: cheese puffs Favorite Style of Food: american Favorite Vacation Spot: don't have one :( Favorite Season: fall/winter Favorite Holiday: halloween Favorite Sport: swimming Favorite Fast Food: in & out Favorite Icecream: rocky road. Favorite Tea: sweet tea
  6. NovaStar

    Weeb Kingdom

    Pls watch and read Goblin Slayer. But please be warned the first ep is a bit graphic!
  7. 3 I don't think I've seen you around much before
  8. a big fat 10 I see you everywhere and love your art style
  9. 1, i think this is the first time i've seen one of your posts, but i certainly hope to see more !
  10. ─ G E N E R A L ─ ─────────── Name: Jazz Nickname: Taytori Age: 22 Birthday: 2/7/96 Ethnicity: Laotian and Filipino Gender: Female Relationship Status: In a relationship ─ P E R S O N A L ─ ──────────── What do you do after work/school?: Binge eat a bunch of snacks and play app games What's something you love doing?: Cosplaying! What's your guilty pleasure?: The Fate series and most importantly, Waver Velvet Do you shower before or after bed?: Before Bed What's your pet peeve?: When I have to repeat myself multiple times
  11. 7 I've seen your posts a couple times! And I see you're a fellow Fate Fan
  12. doll

    Weeb Kingdom

    I LOVE BOKU NO HERO ACEADEMIAAA. it's the love of my life currently. i also am dabbling a bit in angels of death but i haven't finished it, no spoilers pls! also need to finish citrus! but i'm not entirely sure if i'm 100% invested enough to finish it.
  13. Useo

    Weeb Kingdom

    For anyone reading this in the future... WATCH AGGRETSUKO !!!
  14. LinasTired

    Let's meet YOU

    ─ G E N E R A L ─ ─────────── Name: Willina Nickname: Lina Age: 24 Birthday: May 11th Ethnicity: Mixed Gender: Femalee Relationship Status: In love ─ P E R S O N A L ─ ──────────── What's your Hogwart's House?: Gryffindor What do you do after work/school?: take care of my family and draw as much as i can What's something you love doing?: being around nature + playing video games Describe your personality in 3 words: scatterbrained, kind, blunt What's your guilty pleasure?: country music Are you religious?: yea Do you shower before or after bed?: depends on how i feel; mostly before (helps me sleep) What's your pet peeve?: being ignored & repeating myself Least favorite word: Quim e_e ─ F A V O R I T E S ─ ───────────── Favorite Color: red Favorite Movie: Matilda Favorite Game: spyro, kingdom hearts, animal crossing Favorite Animal: any kind of bear Favorite Food: sushi Favorite Smell: bacon Favorite Song: norman perry - lay up (cus thats my baby) Favorite Book: fruits basket Favorite Drink: beer or bubble tea Favorite Boy Name: william Favorite Girl Name: morrigan /renay Favorite Shows: Star vs. the Forces of Evil + Mr. Pickles + Adventure Time + Penny Dreadful + Cloak & Dagger + Shameless Favorite Chips: cheetos Favorite Style of Food: asian / chinese Favorite Vacation Spot: alaskaa Favorite Season: summer / fall Favorite Holiday: thanksgiving Favorite Sport: volleyball Favorite Fast Food: coldstone creamery, panera bread, jersey mikes Favorite Icecream: butter pecan, moose tracks, coffee Favorite Tea: earl grey, lavender, sleepy time tea
  15. ─ G E N E R A L ─ ─────────── Name: Nicholas Nickname: Nick, Xil Age: 17 Birthday: Nov. 7th Ethnicity: Caucasion Gender: boi Relationship Status: lonely ─ P E R S O N A L ─ ──────────── What's your Hogwart's House?: hufflepuff who thinks he's a slytherin What do you do after work/school?: draw or cry, sometimes simultaneously What's something you love doing?: talking to my cat Describe your personality in 3 words: passive aggressive gay What's your guilty pleasure?: anime boobies Are you religious?: i created a KFC Religion group page on facebook so i guess you could say so Do you shower before or after bed?: after What's your pet peeve?: when people chew w their mouths open it makes me want to dropkick a puppy Least favorite word: moist ─ F A V O R I T E S ─ ───────────── Favorite Color: red Favorite Movie: What Happened to Monday Favorite Game: Skyrim or ESO. or The Witcher series omg. Favorite Animal: cat Favorite Food: macaroni and cheese Favorite Smell: Midsummer's Night Yankee candle Favorite Song: anything by pink floyd Favorite Book: The Hobbit Favorite Drink: coffee Favorite Boy Name: Damion Favorite Girl Name: SHARON Favorite Shows: Voltron: Legendary Defender, Game of Thrones, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gunpowder, Steven Universe, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Favorite Chips: Sour cream and onion lays Favorite Style of Food: Chinese or Italian Favorite Vacation Spot: the market place in Savannah, GA Favorite Season: Autumn Favorite Holiday: Halloween or Christmas Favorite Sport: NASCAR Favorite Fast Food: Taco Bell Favorite Icecream: Cookies n Cream Favorite Tea: Earl Grey or Green Tea

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