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    Welcome to GASR’s Gallery! Here users can upload images for both public and private use. Before you begin, please take a moment to review the rules pertaining to the Gallery and remember that all of GASR’s Community Guidelines are in effect.


    Rules & Guidelines

    • As the Gallery is a public forum area, all of our image restrictions are in effect. You may not post Explicit Content outside of your private albums.
    • When linking to a private album with a selected audience that contains Explicit Content, please be sure to label any links as NSFW so that the receiving party is aware of its contents.  (Elite Feature)
    • Users may not post images that could potentially trigger a PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) episode. This includes but is not limited to images with flashing lights that are faster than 3 frames per second, especially if the image contains contrasting visual patterns.
    • Images that are against GASR’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines (Banned Content) are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to depictions of racism, sexism, child-like pornography, animal abuse, or illegal drug use.
    • Users may not post artwork if they do not own the copyrights to the image.
    • Images cannot be sold via the Galley – only showcased.
    • As always, users are expected to remember forum etiquette and be respectful when leaving comments. 


    Any images found to be in violation of these guidelines will be removed and subsequent warnings will be issued.


New Images

  • Comm@Zempered
  • smoking kills
  • Rein and Larry
  • richardarmitage.png
  • IMG_2453.jpg
  • 20180122_131354.jpg
  • 20180122_131254.jpg
  • IMG_1011.jpg
  • quick piece
  • Entropy
  • Nerf Dis
  • Teeth watermark.jpg
  • Black widow
  • Practice - for Lizz @ GASR
  • Premade: #051 - Pink Neko
  • Milo
  • Full-body
  • Haley / Bugy @ GASR & IMVU
  • Kotah / Rides @ GASR & IMVU
  • Princess Serenity Custom
  • Purple Girl
  • Cupid & Hotarubi (Ayumi)
  • Adoptable Sunshine
  • Custom for Cymette
  • Qastoon DP Commission .gif
  • Imouto Premade
  • 02 Darling In The Franxx (old anime style) Premade
  • Gothic Wands
  • Rana

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