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RELEASE NOTES - March 2019

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Hey GASRians!


Continuing our effort in keeping the community involved on GASR's roadmap for 2019, here are the release notes for the updates made in the month of March!




Premade Art Restrictions

The 50 post restriction on the Premade Art forum section has been removed to allow members who are only interested in purchasing artwork that ability without forcing a content quota.  Alternatively, all shops posted within the Premade Art forum section will now need to be approved by a member of staff before displaying to members in order to keep the same level of protection from stolen artwork being sold.


This change also reflects on the Mature Premade Art forum section as well.


"Need a Topic Locked/Deleted" is now "Master Cleaning & Restoring"

The Need a Topic Locked/Deleted topic has been updated to include the ability to ask for a shop to be restored as a quicker alternative to submitting a support ticket.  The Master Cleaning & Restoring topic can be found in the Help & Feedback section and now features a form to be posted along with your requests.


IMVU Categories Update in Marketplace

Based on member request, a "Head" subcategory has been added to the Male and Female IMVU Mesh categories in the Marketplace.  Eyes and Hair have been moved to the "Unisex" subcategory under the IMVU Maps category.


Raffle/Giveaway Overhaul

The viewing page of a raffle or giveaway has been overhauled.  As seen in the current Tools of the Trade raffle, the information about the raffle is neatly organized at the top with the ability to add a cover photo.  Underneath lists the prize(s) along with a convenient count down timer which replaces the prior date-to-date function.  Finally, the participants are displayed along the bottom and the previous sidebar has been removed.


Marketplace Restrictions

The post restriction for downloads has been removed so that members who do not use the forum can still purchase items from the marketplace.


New Features


Dark Theme

A new theme has been added that features a dark background.  Periodically, updates will be made as time allows to eventually have a completely dark theme.  To access this theme, scroll down to the bottom of the site, click "Theme" in the footer, and choose GASR Dark.


Color Palette

When you upload images to the gallery, a color description will now display next to the image description providing a quick look at the colors used.  This will only display on the direct image link in the gallery, not the popup view.






GASR Magazine Preorder

The magazine preorders are still available until May 1st.  Make sure you get your order in before the deadline to receive a physical copy of our second issue!


Click to Purchase!


Tools of the Trade Raffle #2

There is a GASR hosted raffle currently underway that offers the chance to win a graphics tablet and other art related supplies!  Tickets start at $1 and the winners will be announced at the end of April!


Click to participate!


Staff Applications

Staff applications are currently open!  We have a few positions to fill along with a brand new marketing position!  If you're interested in joining our team, please make sure to send in your application(s) before the deadline!


Click for more information!



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Oh heck yeah, I love the color palette feature. That fits in so well.


Also (I do love the dark theme option though)


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I am v happy with all of this

hell yeah yes GIF

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the dark theme option is :iperfect:

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