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Magazine Collectible Preorder!

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Hello GASRians!


Less than two weeks ago we asked you guys if you would be interested in a collectible physical copy of GASR's second issue of our community magazine.  Our goal was at least 100 positive votes, and we're already nearing 80, so I think it's safe to say that this issue was a hit!  




These collectible magazines will be printed as a perfect bound photo book so that the artwork displayed throughout will display more vibrantly than in traditional gloss paper.  The books will be 28 pages long in full color on high quality gloss stock and a coated cover!


The sooner we get things going, the quicker we can get these books printed and shipped out, so we've gone ahead and set up the magazine pre-sale so that you guys can go ahead and get your orders in.  There is absolutely no rush on this and we are waiting until May at the latest to start doing batch shipping if we continue to reach our goals.


The best part?  We're able to sell them for less than initially estimated!  Instead of roughly $15 per book plus shipping, we were able to get the cost of the book down to be able to sell them for $10 per book plus shipping.  Shipping prices are calculated on shipment size/weight and destination.  You'll be able to see more information about this on the product page under the shipping tab!  Please ignore any stock numbers that may appear.  Those have no effect on preorder status.


If you'd like to go ahead and reserve a magazine for yourself, visit the magazine order page in the store!



I'M SO EXCITED!!! :chrimascat:

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I love the cover!! So cute!! :lazeflirt:

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