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GASR Magazine: Issue 2

Let us know if you would like a physical copy!  

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:sketch: me staring at y’all before you get into my house. 


For real though, I really loved this edition of the magazine and you guys did such a wonderful and amazing job. The colors, the writing, all the beautiful artwork.



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This came out amazing! :walove: I am very excited for the houses! :uncunceunce:

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Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I'm glad you guys like this issue, I had so much fun working on it!!


I also want to explain that not everything made it into this issue. The magazine team collected and provided a lot of content and unfortunately we could not fit every single thing into the magazine. Please keep in mind, we had to factor in page restrictions, account status, and quality of the content in our decision as to why something was not added. This is not something new nor is it something personal, it is quite normal actually. We hope you guys still enjoy the magazine regardless, as the team put in a lot of work. Thank you again! 

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I want to add on to what Kim stated to fully explain what some of those reasons actually mean, because some of the things we've been shown recently regarding this magazine are very disheartening, and I feel like it's also very disrespectful to those who were featured in some capacity and to the members who worked hard on creating this magazine. 


We have very limited space per page, so when we say we had to consider the quality of the content provided to us, we mean the answers to the questions given during the interview process.  A few reasons why some of the content did not make it to the final version may include a combination of the following:

  • The answer(s) were too short and would not fill up real estate dedicated to the response.
  • The answer(s) were too long and could not reasonably fit within the space allotted without having to butcher the response and lower the font size to an almost unreadable size.
  • The answer(s) were not fully committed to the question.
  • Etc.

Continuing from that, we also took account status into consideration as well.  Since the creation of this magazine, we have always had the requirement that your account had to be in good standing with no active warnings. If you have any points on your account regardless of when or why they were received, you were not considered.  The magazine staff is a mix of both GASR staff and community members who do not have access to view this information beforehand, therefore some members were interviewed that did not meet this qualification. 


There were many other factors in the decision making process, too many to fully list here, but some things that were also considered were if you had a major feature in the previous issue, having to make sure those that were publicly voted by the community into having a feature received a fair amount of recognition, keeping controversial content out of the mix, making sure the content had the best interests of the community in mind, and so on.  No matter how much we plan ahead, things will always happen that are out of our control, and the most we can do is just adapt to these circumstances as best as we can and make all necessary changes.


We did not base our decisions on personal/biased opinions or the quality of the artwork that was sent in to us.  Artwork is subjective and there is no fair way to make a decision based on the quality of it, so we don't.  There were multiple members that did not get featured in this issue that we would have liked to feature if we had the space to do so.  In an ideal world, we would always have the exact amount of content that meets these standards, but realistically it will never happen.  I will say the magazine team this time around did a fantastic job at keeping the amount of overflow content to a minimum compared to the first issue, and this data will only help them improve further in future issues as well!


To everyone who received a feature, no matter how big or small, congratulations!  I'm very proud of all of you and don't let anyone make you feel bad for this.  It's your time to shine and you need to OWN IT!




Disclaimer: By "we" I mean the magazine staff.  I, the glorified cheerleader, had no physical involvement in work put into this magazine and only gave feedback and guidance when asked. :gettingaway:

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hey mum I made it



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Some information about physical copies since I've gotten some questions about it already!


The magazine would not be in actual traditional magazine form (thin flimsy pages held together by being stapled).  Our magazine is heavily saturated with artworks and this would be an injustice to anyone featured.  We would print them in catalog/photo book form with a perfect bound spine which is a much higher quality option. 


Example of Perfect Bound Spine (Think of a novel or Ikea catalog.)

Related image


The pages would be printed on thin cardstock with gloss text.  The colors of the magazine and the artwork will show up more vibrantly than they would with plain regular paper.  The book itself will also be just a smidge bigger than the size of a magazine you find at the store. (8.5x11'') 


The question I can't give a solid answer for is the price.  It all depends on how many people pre-order, truthfully.  The initial price for ~100 orders would be around $12-15usd per book, plus shipping.  While I know the average magazine goes for $5-10, our pricing is based on the higher quality options we're choosing to print with.  If we're going to go through the whole process of getting these professionally printed, we might as well get something out of it that is going to last for a long time!  The more orders we get, the cheaper we can sell them and we'll obviously refund the difference.


The poll is to see how many are actually interested.  If we get at least 100+ yes votes, we'll start a pre-order at a price between 12-15 to see how many we'll need to get made.  We need to sell at least 100, no less.  (Printing is too expensive when not bulk and we'd have to charge a lot per book.)  If we don't hit that goal, we'll just refund everyone and call it a day.  No harm, no foul!


I'll even get a test copy printed and take lots of pictures if we hit the goal so you guys can see what you'll actually be getting.  :ooohyas:

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Ok so late to the party, but I’m ecstatic right now. The magazine looks so so good and professional. Amazing job everyone. And I’m honored to have been featured in the magazine, so so happy. 



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