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Hey GASRians!


Welcome to 2019! We've had a pretty great year filled with events of all sorts in 2018. Our drive behind each and every event has been to make certain that you, our members, enjoyed them. We strive to be innovative and keep bringing better events to the table.


So to start of the new year, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you thought of our events, what you liked, what you disliked. Most of all tell us where we could improve! What do you want to see more of? 

We have created a survey so that you could voice yourself freely, so please, utilize it! We want the coming year to be even better than the last. 


 Survey Here


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Hey guys,


We're noticing some trends among the surveys, some of the responses we're not quite understanding really, so I thought I would try to go over some of those here with you guys now to make sure we're all on the same page.  Please bare with me as this post may get lengthy, but it's all good information!

On most of the surveys, the following question is receiving the same answer in some capacity:  Are there any types of events you'd like to see on GASR?


The lot of you are saying "more events that aren't art related for people who can't draw."  This is very, very confusing for a multitude of reasons, those reasons I'll gladly explain below, but I want to preface this by reminding everyone that this is a website for all things art, and to not have events that cater to artists would be backpedaling the community.


In 2018, we had a grand total of 26 events.  Out of those 26 events, only 15 were "art" events, meaning your entry into the event required an art piece in some way, shape, or form.  Out of those 15 events, 12 were "open submission", meaning your entry did not require any type of talent/skill in order to participate.  Out of those 12 events, 4 were split into two parts that allowed you to choose to submit a drawing or participate in a way that did not require you to draw anything.  So, out of 26 events total in the year of 2018, only 3 events required you to submit an art piece that would be judged based on quality and skill, or merit.  That's roughly 11.5%.  88.5% of the events we hold on our art based website do not require you to submit an art entry that will be judged on merit, or does not require you to submit an art piece at all.


Art Only Events - 3


GASR Valentine's Day Card Design Contest (Part 1/2)


Take A Chance (Mature)


Secret Santa


Open Submission Events - 12 (Non-merit)


New Year, New Me


Tied by Fate (Mature)

Lunar New Year (Part 1/2)

St. Patrick's Day Wishes


Earth Day Celebration


LGBTQ+ Month (Part 1/2)


Cancer Awareness (Part 1/2)

Get Wet (Mature)


Behind the Scenes



Calling One, Calling All (Mature)


Naughty for Santa (Mature)


Participation Only Events - 14 (No Art)


GASR Valentine's Day Card Design Content (Part 2/2 - Send cards to your friends/loved ones.)

Lunar New Year (Part 2/2 - Wear a festive overlay on your display picture.)


Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt


Ramadan Celebration

Youtube Appreciation Event


LGBTQ+ Month (Part 2/2 - Wear a sexuality based overlay on your display picture.)


Cancer Awareness (Part 2/2 - Wear a cancer themed ribbon overlay on your display picture.)


Unique (Coloring)


Resort GASR


Trick or Treat Scavenger

IMVU Halloween Outfit Contest


Christmas Charities

Mickey Mouse's Birthday


Christmas Movie Night


Hopefully, by seeing the numbers laid out at once, this will be an eye opener to some of you who don't realize just how many events we have on GASR.  There is no feasible reason for us to add more events that would further distance us from challenging our artists.  It's not fair when they are very much apart of this community as those who do not make artwork.  In fact, going forward we will be adding more events that are more art competitive to try and balance out this extremely unbalanced scale.  If you do not like the participation only events that we host, I encourage you to retake the survey and answer that question properly, which is to suggest new event types/ideas that could replace some of the less popular ones.

Another trend we are seeing is people claiming they never know when there are events and never knew they existed.  When we have an event planned, we post it weeks in advance on our community event calendar, display it in the sidebar on the dashboard and the forum, post it across all of our social media platforms, announce it on our official discord server, display large banners advertising the event at the top of the website, and send a website and/or email notification to everyone following the events & contests forum section and the community event calendar the minute it goes live.  A button that links directly to all events is displayed in the sidebar on every page of GASR that the sidebar is visible as well.  You may even see an event coordinator post about it on Radar. 

Finally, we have been getting feedback for events that members have not participated in, or have never participated in an event at all.  While I appreciate your eagerness to participate, there's really not a whole lot we can do with false feedback.  :(  You can skip over questions or put N/A for parts that are not applicable to you.  

The above aside, we have received some nice feedback from you guys overall and will apply that to future planning, so thanks to everyone who has submitted a survey so far!!

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