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✿ Monster Girl Adopt✿CLOSED Winner - Rioter

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♥ Monster Girl Adoptable Auction ♥

SaltyPrincess Auction shop

Approved by Alex


START DATE // September 1st 2018  |  END DATE extended // September 18th 2018 



Adopt Demon Girl small size by SaltyLilPrincess

This image has been resized to 475px by 687px. 




♥ Shaded Full Art {3115px by 4445px}

♥ Flat Full Art {3115px by 4445px}

♥ 2 DP's premade 



Please keep in mind Gasr General Rules, and Auction Section Rules apply to this store!  

Important points to remember:


♥ No false bids.

♥ Don't post a bid you are not committed to.

♥ Don't bid more than you can afford.

♥ Scamming won't be tolerated.

♥ I don't do refunds.

♥ Do not steal any of the work seen in this auction.

♥ Don't resell the art from this auction.

♥ Don't use the auction piece if you aren't the winner.



♥ Starting Bid - 50$

♥ Min Bid Increase - 5$

♥ Autobuy - 150$








Edited by SaltyPrincess
Needed to be extended due to lack of bids
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Wow this adopt is awesome!! SB :blush:

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So cute😍 good luck! I love your style

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@SaltyPrincess I'm really sorry but I have to cancel my bid.. I have a money problem this month and I couldn't pay.. I am very really sorry... :bcri:

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@SaltyPrincess I couldn't predict in advance.. When I bid, I didn't have this problem yet. I am sorry.. 

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