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[2018] Cancer Awareness Event

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Cancer is known as a specific set of diseases that cause cells to grow out of control. This happens because new cells form and old cells don’t die when they should, if the cells continue to divide without being stopped, or without dying to create room for the new ones, it can cause tumors.


Today we know of more than 100 types of cancers and a lot of them cause tumors, however, cancers of the blood would not form tumors. There are malignant and benign tumors and the difference between the two would be: malignant have the chance of having cells break off and spread to other parts of the body as well as once they’re removed, they can sometimes grow back while benign tumors do not spread and do not grow back once the area infected is removed.


Cancer can be cured in different ways depending on the sort of cancer a person may have. In some cases only one treatment may be needed but often a mixture of treatments is implemented into the person’s course of action. Treatments include: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy. 


Event: This year we are going to have a few options you can choose from in order to participate. This includes: art, poem, stories, and quotes. After you've picked what you'd like to share, include a little story as to why you chose it and how it's important to you. Finally include some words of encouragement to people with cancer, this can be just a sentence long or a couple sentences. As all other events, please put effort into your submission, and you are free to do several or one of these options and most importantly enjoy the event! 




🎗Everyone can participate.

🎗You do not need to have an overlay DP; it is there for you to show your support.

🎗Pick at least one of the options we've listed.

🎗Include a story as to why you picked what you did and how it's important to you.

🎗Add some words of encouragement to finish off your submission. 

🎗Be creative and thorough.

🎗Finally, enjoy the event!







July 1st - July 14th

All participants will receive the following badge:








Similar to the LGBTQ+ Event, you may have an overlay on your display picture to show your support for this event. Below are some already made overlays you can use and/or customize. We also included a chart to identify all the ribbon colors:






We only included a few overlays based on its popularity. You can download the .psd file for more customization and/or add another color you would like to support: download it here



All Cancer/Survivors


Breast Cancer


Lung Cancer


Stomach Cancer





Prostate Cancer


Liver Cancer


Brain Cancer




Colon Cancer


Galbladder Cancer


Head and Neck Cancer





Multiple Myeloma


Non Hodgkins Lymphoma


Ovarian Cancer


Pancreatic Cancer &




Testicular Cancer


Thyroid Cancer


Uterine & Endometrial Cancer


Appendix Cancer



Bladder Cancer


Bone Cancer


Cervical Cancer


Childhood Cancer


A special thanks to Luxor for making the overlays!

If you need help with putting on the overlay, feel free to ask in the topic or one of the Event Coordinators!



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Well, I think I'll go ahead and start off by telling my story.




Back before I was born, my eleven year old brother, Murel,  suffered from Leukemia. It was very aggressive and at the time they didn't know what they could do for him. When my mother found out she was pregnant with me they decided to try and use the placenta / umbilical cord for stem cells in hopes to help him recover from the extensive treatments he was going under.  Even with what my brother had been going through when I was born, he absolutely adored me, he would watch movies with me and sleep in my crib whenever he was actually allowed home. His favorite movies were Nightmare Before Christmas and The Goonies. So now those are by default two of my favorites. Unfortunately, my brother passed away after only a few months of me being alive. Most of my family is pained whenever they see me because I remind them of him and why I was born, to save him ultimately. I don't blame myself for him passing away but I do wish I could've known him better. After he passed away my family became very distant from one another, and while the family is small as is, I would've loved to have seen him grow, and maybe have a bond with him and see how my family would've been with him around. I know he loved me and I wish I would've been able to personally have been able to have memories of him to look upon. 


My father figure, Josh, passed away when I was in my senior year of high school from liver and lung cancer. He was my best friend. Even though he was in his forties he was just a big kid. He had a KISS cover band named Strutter and even though he couldn't sing great, he kicked butt playing guitar. I remember when I had first started cosplaying he would help me make my costumes because he cosplayed as members of KISS. We would sneak out and get junk food because my aunt was a nurse and strict about being healthy. He'd try to teach me how to drive sometimes which I was too chicken to do because I was only fifteen at the time. We'd tease my aunt all the time and just had a blast. I miss him a lot but I know he's not in pain anymore and I know it was much harder on my aunt and so I stay strong to help her whenever she becomes depressed from the loss of her true love. 


Aside from my brother and father figure, my grandmother has successfully recovered and beat breast cancer twice. Currently she is in the process of recovering from cervical cancer but I know she is a stubborn and healthy woman. I swear, my grandmother is probably more flexible than me! She does yoga everyday, works in her garden and bird watches whenever she can. I am not very close to my grandmother but I love her very much, she's 80 now and still fighting harder than anybody I know. She's so ambitious and determined that she's truly inspiring and gets me to feel motivated whenever I start feeling down in the dumps.


Even though I've lost a few people due to cancer, I try to remain positive and live my life to the fullest because I believe that they're somewhere, watching down and seeing all the great things I experience and accomplish. I don't spend my times being sad or mourning over the loss and instead try to be adventurous and achieve greatness! 



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I'll tell my story too, since it has impacted my life immensely. Also thank you @Animu for sharing, the part with your brother made me :psobbing:.


I've only had one personal experience with cancer, but unfortunately it resulted in the death of the person who raised me, gave me the memory of have a happy childhood.




I lived with my grandfather, mother, and uncle growing up. My mother wasn't there that much because she was either working or out with my father. My uncle and I were never close, so I had my grandfather as a main parental figure. I have such fond memories of spending the entire day with him. I followed him outside, helped in the garden, watched TV with him. Helped cook. I always tried to include myself in his life because I loved him. 


One year we went on a rode-trip to visit some distant family. I woke up and noticed he was already out of bed, so I mischievously snuck around the corner to try and scare him. Eventually I saw the bathroom door was open and went to inspect what happened. He was laying on the floor, hunched over the toilet and throwing up. He was too weak to speak so I went into panic mode. Luckily someone came to the door and we took him to the hospital. He wasn't speaking on the ride over. I was holding his hand, scared out of my mind. Nothing happened, I don't know what the doctor said but they released him so I thought everything was fine. It wasn't. 


Fast-forward some time and things were relatively okay. He stopped gardening and stuck to watching TV because he had no energy. I didn't think anything of it. One day he was taken to the hospital (my memory as to why alludes me) and I begged my mother to take me out of school (8th grade) to go visit him. She assured me he was okay; up and talking, making jokes with some other relatives that were visiting. I reluctantly agreed to just wait till school was out. Something was wrong the second we walked in. The nurses were wheeling him out from some test, I think, and put him in his room. He was unresponsive. Wasn't talking, wasn't smiling. Nothing. I just assumed he was sleeping from some medication they'd given him. My mother pulled me out to the hallway and when I asked her what was wrong with him, she started crying. (The first and only time I've seen her cry) I was so confused. The machine that measured his vitals, including his heart, started to rapidly beep. His heart rate was steadily dropping. Some nurses came in and I blanked out. Just kept starting at the numbers. 56, 43, 37, 25. 14. 0. They asked my grandmother if they wanted to perform resuscitation and she refused. The nurses encouraged us to kiss him on the forehead goodbye, then walked us out to sign some paperwork. I was sobbing, trying to catch my breath. I had no idea what the hell just happened.


No one explained till I was older that he was suffering from Pancreatic cancer and that it'd progressed to a life-threatening stage. The worst feeling, I think, was not being able to say goodbye. He was kind and showed me how to be a caring human being. His cancer sucked the life out of him until his body couldn't function. He was in his late 70s.


 Because of this and other medical aliments I have, there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer in my later years. I do believe I was a good granddaughter to him and relish in the fact that he loved me and I made his last years a bit brighter. Hopefully, in the distant future all of the funds to discover a cure for cancer will prove successful. It gives me some courage to remind myself he'd want me to push on through all trivialities of life and reach my full potential. I'm terrified someone else I love will be debilitated with this disease, but I will remain strong for them as they have with me.



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Different types of cancer runs in my mom’s side of family. There’s about 20 people that I know of that died from colon, kidney, and stomach cancer. I can’t really name any of them since I barely knew them but my uncle, Ricky, had colon cancer and he was 50 something years old. I never met him either because I was born like so many years after. My mom would always talk about him and also my grandma had kidney cancer. They were gonna cut off her legs because of gain green but she didn’t want that, she wanted to leave the world the way she came in so basically she wanted to die with her legs not have them cut off. 


I’ve grown to understand that cancer runs in our family and as much as it sucks and how sad it is, you just need to take care of yourself and take your medicine and exercise as it is the most important thing to help stay healthy. 


I have so much support for those dealing with any cancer, and I really hope that you can be cured! I believe in you all who are fighting, and I’m always here if anything. Stay strong 💪🏻 ❤️


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I won't go into much detail as this is a VERY painful subject for me, however, my grandfather (literally like the only person I've ever been VERY close to) died in my arms when I was 11 due to lung cancer, and my now uncle (through marriage) is struggling to beat lung cancer, however, he's not improving and probably won't last the year.


I chose to tell a story, kinda, because I feel like it opens me up more than anything else, tells people who I really am and what I've gone through!

Anyone who has lived through, or with this is so strong.

Anyone who has supported or lost loved ones to this is so strong.

You are so strong. Seriously. 


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Alright.. here we go.. I do apologize, this is a very touchy subject I wish I can read your stories, but I guarantee that will that make me go into an episode.. lol



I'm not going to go too much in detail as well. As a baby I had some difficult medical problems, being hospitalized for years it has a weird effect on me. I still don't know what these problems were as my mom kept them from me and still refuses to tell me but I know I didn't have much of a chance to live at the time, being a newborn. The whole hospitalization thing doesn't sit well with me.. my step father's father (my step grandpa idk) was a huge believer in me and I loved him so much. My mom and I were brought into my step father's house, everyone hated us and especially me for being chinese looking lol and being bullied left and right at the age of 6 sucks ass and he was the only one in that fucked up family that really cared about me. We lost him in 2011 from Lung cancer and a whole other complications and in 2015 I lost my uncle from cancer as well. 


Honestly, live life like it is your last because there are people who didn't get to live their greatest moments in life and the fact that you are able to walk, talk, smile and love is a great gift and you shouldn't hide away from the world when you have so much to offer. Live your life to the fullest and be humble.. keep the negative energy far away from you as possible. 


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One of my oldest, and dearest friends passed away when I was 18 years old. 

Me and my mom dropped everything to move into his place and take care of him. 

I'm not so sure when he actually got cancer, but one day when my mom was visiting him, he told her to come into the bathroom because something about his bowel movement didn't quite look right, and he was experiencing some pain. Turns out he had stage 4 colon cancer, and they went ahead and took almost a foot of his colon out. He had to have a colostomy bag after that, and one of the first things that he told my mom was how he felt like "less of a man" to have his colostomy bag. People often forget that cancer isn't just a physical toll, it's emotional too; not just for the one with the cancer, but their families...their friends. 

Bill was over 6' tall, and over 300 pounds before he got sick. I watched his colon cancer, (which later spread throughout his ENTIRE body) reduce him down to such a small weight he was eventually too weak to stand and was bedridden. Towards the end of his fight he was almost always sleeping, and I would sit beside his bed and talk to him as he slept in the living room in the hospital bed my mom had gotten for him. (we were poor, and we promised to take care of him at home where he wanted to be). I don't know if he could hear me, but I like to think he did. I was a terrible child and I was so mean to him when I was younger, and I just remember crying my eyes out holding his hand as he laid in that hospital bed, telling him how sorry I was for everything I put him through. 


Bill was my best friend if I ever had one, and I didn't deserve to know someone like him. I miss him so much everyday, and honestly even now after over 5 years it still doesn't feel like he's dead. It just feels like he's on a really long fishing trip. I hope that he's enjoying heaven, one of the last things I ever heard him say before he died was he could see his wife, and a big boat, and he said he was going fishing. 


I know how hard it can be watching  a loved one suffer, but if you can't be strong for yourself be strong for them. They need you more than you will ever know. 



April 25, 1933 - March 4, 2013


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Giving up is admitting defeat. You are stronger than that. Don't give up and keep on fighting and remember that the strength is in your heart and in your mind. 



I'm sorry if my story is all jumpy - it was hard taking a walk down memory lane and some stuff are just blurs now but I just wanted to share. :psobbing:



During my senior year of high school, I remembered my dad was taking my uncle to doctor visits often. Midway through the year, my uncle had to move into a nursing home because he was getting worse but not enough to be in the hospital. They weren't sure why he was coughing so much and what was wrong. They were pretty much guessing at that point and tried different treatments. Then in May, they said that he needs surgery because there were fluids in his lung and some of other stuff. (It's all a blur to me, I don't remember the exact details) They told us it would help him that it was the best option.


So of course I went to see him the day of the surgery. We talked and laughed for a few and before he left for the surgery, he gave me a hug. He then said to me "I really want to be at your high school graduation", and I told him that he needs to stay strong so he can. But he kept saying he really want to be there, so I told him "If you can't make it to the graduation, I will bring my cap and gown here and we can take pictures". He was very happy when he heard that and agreed to it. Then the nurses came and rolled him away. Little did I know, that was the last time I heard him speak. During the operation, they found out he had lung cancer. They finally found the reason, but it was too late. He was put on life support after that and because he had down syndrome, his body was weaker than most. They told us that there was no chance of him ever waking up again. 


His funeral was three days before my graduation and all I could hear was him saying he wanted to be there. I had to beg my grandma to let me bring my cap and gown before the funeral so I can keep my promise to him. People told me it was bad luck, that it wasn't ideal, but I didn't care. I promised my uncle I would take picture with him in my graduation gown and I did just that. I wanted him to be there just as much as he wanted to. The night of my graduation, I had a very special dream. In the dream, my dad took a picture of me walking the stage and in the picture, you can see my uncle right next to me. I took that as a sign that my uncle was there with me during my graduation. That's when I know that he would always live on in my heart and in my mind. 



Thank you for everyone that shared their stories so far, it takes a lot of courage to share something so dear to our hearts. This event means a lot to me and I'm glad that we are able to continued it from last year. I want to take this moment to thank @Cain @Flix @Animu  for making it even more special and special thanks to @Cymette for proofreading it! 


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Reading some of these stories is absolutely heart breaking. I'm so sorry to all of those who have lost people that were battling cancer. May they rest in peace.
I also want to say to stay strong, you're never alone. Anyone that is battling cancer, or has someone battling it, you're a survivor, and we can fight it together.



I don't want to get into this too much, since it's personal, and a very touchy subject. 

-  I'm going to dedicate this to my step-grandpa, he battled Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and sadly he lost his battle, and it's upsetting because I didn't get to know him that much, since I was younger. I still feel the pain for my grandma, and mom when they told me all about him, and how he was as a person. I hear all these good things about him, and how great of a guy he was. I just wish I had more of a bond, or was old enough to get to know him and spend time. One thing for sure, is I won't take life for granted, and you should always live it well, with nothing stopping you. May he rest in peace, and I'll always love him dearly no matter what. 


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I sometimes don't like writing stories because all I do is ramble ramble ramble and get off track but I decided to write a story of someone I know battling cancer to this day. 



Image result for metastatic breast cancer ribbon

I wanted to tell my story of someone very dear to me who is struggling with metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is basically stage 4 / advanced breast cancer but it's the most advanced type of breast cancer that spreads beyond the breasts to other organs in the body. life expectancy of metastatic breast cancer is 26 months and 1 in 4 can survive for more than 5 years. 

I currently have someone I know suffering from metastatic breast cancer, they're not a family member but it's someone whom I've treated as family and they took me in when I was going through very tough times. It was 2 years ago when she was diagnosed and it was very hard on all of us and we all kept wondering "why her?" mainly because she's had such a hard life with abuse from her childhood/adulthood and when things start going great for her in life she now has to deal with this? She is a strong woman, she survived 9/11, she survived abuse not only as a child but also as an adult and now she has metastatic breast cancer which you can't survive from. It was so hard knowing everything she's been through in life and then this happens to her, it's just awful. Despite everything she kept a positive attitude, she continued to work at her job as much as she could before it started to take a toll on her, she never wanted to stop working, or stop cleaning. Every time it was time to clean the house she wanted to do it and I knew it was because she didn't want this to set her back and stop her from doing the things she can do everyday. Eventually a few months down the line she had to get her left breast removed otherwise it was going to continue to spread to her other breast. After the surgery they kept a close eye on her cancer to see where it was going to spread and it started to spread to her spine. For treatment they first had to remove her ovaries and they put her on hormonal treatment then they started to give her chemo pills. Unfortunately it all started taking a toll on her, she'd come to me to talk to when she was feeling very depressed and she'd tell me she never wants to tell her son how shes feeling out of fear of how he'll react because he suffers from anxiety and depression. She felt it would make things worse on him than it already has been. She'd confess to me that she sometimes felt she was going crazy and the thought of not knowing when she's going to pass was making her anxious and depressed. I tried the best I could to make her feel better and told her she should be more open with her son. Now in 2018, as I want to say things are getting better, but they're not. I moved out a few months ago to change my life and move to Iceland but I still have contact with them. Shes currently suicidal and seeking therapeutic help. Since shes lived past the life expectancy she wonders when her time will come and it scares her, it's a very scary thing to think about and I really worry for her.  Sometimes I'll put together a little package from Iceland to show her I'm still thinking about her and hopefully make her feel better, she's one of those crazy cat ladies with 8 cats so I'll send her her favorite plush cat which is Pusheen the cat. I hope things get better with her and now that I'm not there I worry about her and worry about the family, I sometimes feel awful for leaving but I continue to show support to her from Iceland and still try to be there for her when I can. Hold your loved ones close, show them you still care about them, ask them how they feel and open up to them because you may not know how they deeply feel or whats going through their minds and try to make the best of it.



Edit: I also used the ribbon template to make a Metastatic breast cancer DP border. Anyone can use it.




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I won't go into detail as I don't wish to relive these memories, but a few years ago.. My grandfather on my mum's side died from numerous complications in his body, one of which being throat cancer. A lump had formed in his esophagus which kept him from being able to eat. Though this was only one of many reasons he passed, I still thought it worth mentioning.


My heart goes out to anyone who is or has come in contact with cancer, whether it be yourself or your family members/friends.


Also, I'm unable to add the Head & Neck flag to a DP as it lowers the quality and I would still like to have the image be a gif




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Im not good with stories cuz Idk how to actually express them in words so im gonna make it short,

I've never had a family member that's battling with cancer, and I will never wanted them to-  But i have a friend whose her elder sister died from colon cancer. I've never thought tht she had so much going on cause she seems outgoing until she opened up to me. Despite how heartbroken she was she didn't show a single tear. She's so strong, I look up to her until now.


For those whose still fighting with cancer, please dont give up. I may not know how it feels like to lose someone close but I've witnessed those who've experienced this, it makes them fearless. 

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This is a very touchy subject for me.  Growing up I never got to meet my grandfather considering he died of lung cancer  due to smoking when i was just 6 months old. My mom always tells me stories of him and how wonderful and amazing he was and how happy he was to hold me in his arms for the first time and become a grandfather.. This is dedicated to him I know he would have been an amazing grandfather and father figure in my life its so sad that cancer took him too soon. We will meet one day I promise. I strongly hope that people can overcome their smoking habits and enjoy what life has to offer. My heart goes out to anyone who has died of lung cancer 


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Can someone please put the lung cancer border on for me?

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last year on labor day i remember sitting next to my grandfather while he watched me draw. that was the first time we ever connected over something and that'll be the last time. he died of lung cancer last october, it was a terrible and slow death that tore my father apart and nearly tore my family apart. i started this year out with having a 4 and a half inch tumor and half my thyroid removed. inside that tumor contained cancer. i'm sorry to everybody who has ever lost somebody to cancer, or have had to battle cancer or even just sat there in terror as somebody diagnosed you with cancer. my cancer at it's stage was nowhere near harmful, but i cried for days thinking i was going to die if they found more in the other side of my thyroid. 

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I lost a friend to cancer in 2014.

When she was diagnosed, it was as if the whole world was crashing down around us.

During her last days, she wanted to go to the seaside to see the ocean for the last time.

We took her there and she breathed in the sea air and watched the sunset from the clifftop.

She finally succumbed to the cancer the next morning, on Easter Sunday 2014.

She was a dear friend to me and my family. She is forever in our hearts. I light a candle every year in memory of her.

She bequeathed me her engagement ring in her Last Will and Testament. I haven't taken it off since she passed.

She is always with me. I miss her terribly.

Her name was Rose.

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7 minutes ago, Dessie said:

Can someone please put the lung cancer border on for me?


i can if you'd like :-)

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9 minutes ago, Dessie said:

Can someone please put the lung cancer border on for me?

Here you go! @Dessie



I flipped it so it doesn't cover your name :pblushing:


edit: OOPS I didn't see @Ariana offering, I'm sorry :psobbing:

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