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New Accepted Currencies + Payment Updates

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Hey GASRians,


We've made a few updates to our transaction process explained below.



Based on a member suggestion from @Tsu, GASR now accepts all major global-market currencies.

  • USD (United States Dollar)
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • GBP (Pound Sterling)
  • AUD (Australian Dollar)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)


Hopefully this helps eliminate currency conversion fees from bank/card service providers!  We may add more currency options in the future based on demand, but we've decided to test the waters out with the most commonly used.  The currencies also correlate with the regions that most of our active members are from.



As many of you know, we use PayPal as our payment processor on GASR due to it's built-in compatibility with our software and the ease of use among millions of users in the world.  Even those without a PayPal account, or living in a country that does not allow PayPal, can still make payments using their debit/credit card on GASR directly while PayPal still processes the transaction.  Recently we were informed that PayPal requires a billing address from anyone attempting to make a purchase, staff or member. 


We removed this option a while back as an effort to minimize the personal data we collect to make sure we were only asking for information we really needed.  Although our products are virtual, sans seasonal physical products we occasionally release, PayPal will not allow us to accept payments without a billing address for verification and security purposes.  There is no way around this unfortunately.  


Quoted from the payment page itself:



If you disable any of these options beware that without a billing address, some payment methods will not be able to be used, including PayPal for card payments, PayPal Billing Agreements, 2CheckOut and some Authorize.Net processors. Any payment methods which are set to only be available to certain countries will not be available.


For those who were having issues making store purchases or renewing your Elite, this is the reason why.  Starting today, we've added back the Billing Information section on the checkout page.


Please take note:  GASR does not want or need your address, PayPal does.  You have the right to remove your address as soon as your purchase is complete by going to "My Details" under the "GASR Store" dropdown in the navigation menu.


Also remember that your payment information is stored on an encrypted server off-site if you check the "remember my information" box.  We do not store that information on the GASR server and moderators/administrators cannot see your payment information besides which method you used.  They will never have that ability.


As always, we'll try to answer any questions or concerns down below if you have any!


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Thanks for the update, especially the PayPal billing address thing.


"GASR does not want or need your address, PayPal does.:psideeyes:

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Some people get ants in their pants about what information they put on GASR.  I just wanted to put extra emphasis on that part for the GASR conspiracy theorists out there.


They still think we're just a crappy forum on forumotion instead of a website based business with a proper commerce system.  Buying something on GASR is no different than buying something on Amazon, we just have mostly virtual products and we let you use PayPal.



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I think people have a hard time grasping the concept of it completely, given the fact that GASR started out as a small community and seeing how far it came.

But also too many people are paranoid.


Good job on the currency update tho, it adds to the versatility aspect of the site. 

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peso = philippine money and nt= taiwan money?


lol paypal still flopped in my country 😞

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5 hours ago, MeiTzu said:

peso = philippine money and nt= taiwan money?


lol paypal still flopped in my country 😞


I'm not sure what you're asking.  We don't have either of those.  😞

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