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Need Help From Mods


Hi, I'm the boyfriend of a user on here and she's been getting attacked and threatened to be banned off this site because they want to use their connections to remove her. Because this user does not like her. It's been a generally unpleasant experience for us both, and I was wondering if I could contact a mod or admin of some kind to talk? She really loves this site and genuinely enjoys the community here, but this one user has been bullying her non-stop. Thank you for your time.

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You should submit a support ticket about it and provide as much information as possible regarding the situation.  Keep in mind though, if the bullying/harassment is being done off-site, there's only a limited amount of help we can provide since we cannot police other websites.


I'll also put this here and state that there's no such thing as having "connections", and if a mod is stating they can do favors for people such as getting someone banned that x does not like, please report them immediately since we don't tolerate that on the staff team.  


Here's the link to the help/support page:  https://gasrforum.net/support/



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Locking and moving to answered questions.

@Admiral please use the link provided above to get in touch! 


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