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[GUIDE] Setting Up Your Auction Shop

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Here is a guide that will help you with setting up an auction shop.

This guide contains what regulations need to be followed and how to begin your auction shop.


These are not the only regulations of the auction sub-forum.

Pease read the Auction Shop Rules as well to ensure your auction does not get unapproved or locked.


  1. Auction Information
  2. Auction Request Forms


02/17/2019 - Updated appearance & rules for better accuracy

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You must include the following items in your auction request form.

If you are missing something your form, an auction moderator will deny your form and tell you what is missing to fix your form for your auction to be accepted.


Whether it is a solo or collab shop.

An online portfolio of your work (dA, GASR artwork page, etc).

The link to your active GASR shop (must be over a month old).




Here are some optional items you can include.

Whether you have them or not will not affect your auction being locked or denied.


The option to auto-bid or auto-buy your adoptable/auction piece(s).

A promotional banner for your auction

Your own personal auction rules

Your own personal goals or set of bids for extra pieces/prizes

Legal preferred method of payment



10/17/2017 - WIPs no longer accepted. An active GASR shop for 1 month will take its replacement.

10/27/2017 - Autobuy/autobid minimum raised to $20/50k.

02/17/2019 - Updated look of guide, reworded for accuracy and auction rule updates

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When you are ready to send in your auction, please click this link for Auction Request Application page.

You will also be able to find this application in the footer of the website under our Quick Links.




  • Type of Auction Shop Solo is one artist, collab is two or more.
  • GASR Usernames All artists GASR usernames - all artists must have GASR accounts.
  • Style(s) of artwork being auction in your shop Please upload the watermarked sample of your art
  • Current GASR Shops Link to your GASR shop, premade, or custom with 1 month + of activity in one batch.
  • Will you be selling the artwork in batches Whether you will auction one adoptable/set or multiple at a time.
  • Have you ever had an auction in the past? Is this your first time hosting an auction for your artwork?
  • Auction sub-forum acknowledgement Yes or No - More in depth on the application itself




Once you fill out an application, an auction moderator will pm you shortly of the status of your application.

If it is not approved, the auction moderator will let you know what you are missing.

You can then reapply with the missing information to get your application approved.

If it is approved, congratulations! You are free to create your auction.

Please remember that all approved auction shops need to be created within one week of approval.

If not, you will need to send in another application.


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