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What programs/tablets do you use?

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Tsukimi    68

paint tool sai + GIMP...I've never really understood photoshop and I know they are similar but I've been using GIMP for so long now haha

+ for my tablet I've been using the wacom bamboo pen tablet since I was 14. Got it on sale ;D


I do want to start learning how to experiment with the program blender and experiment with this area of 3D modelling

...sounds SOOO cool but v complicated haha and I'm a lazy butt

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princepol    134

I used to use wacom bamboo together with sai when I still had my pc.

I had to switch to photoshop due to when I was a multimedia arts student (boy those were the dark days) 

oh and right now I'm using intuos pro because my stupid bamboo broke because of the goddamn wiring.



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