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☆ Hi, Hello, Annyeong 

Welcome to my custom icon shop!

My names Sarah, I'm 25, from England and a huge Monsta X fan

Please read the rules below if you'd like to order and fill the form in provided below

☆ Thank you so much 

☆ Rules 

 Be respectable at all times
  Don't rush me
  Do not edit/alter my work in anyway
 Do not resell
  Fill in the form given below
  No dramarama

 Pay for your custom AFTER its done, please

 I have the right to sell any unwanted customs as premades!

  Thank you for all the support  

☆ Prices 

PayPal only at the moment, sorry

I accept PayPal and Credits
Prices vary from $10/15k - $25/35k
Price will depend on how detailed your order is

If you ask for animation, this will increase the price

PayPal: sarah.mayhew36@hotmail.com

IMVU: Mondoongie




☆ Form 
 Buying for; 
 Animation (y/n);
 Text on icon;  
 Credits or PayPal;
♡ Email;

☆ Slots: 






☆ Progress bars 


1779648785_Notstarted.png.767735b27250b4342ced76a0ce546236.png - Not started

Started.png.4d468a16bdcb382e6bbccffe9fd9803b.png - Started

Lined.png.6ed727f808f5e4e841afc438dbd23367.png - Lined

Colored.png.e5d9eb13bb7067e0b5f5a5af3bf0c23a.png - Colored

Finished.png.74184d04357353a389d374b2cf70a833.png - Finished



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♡ Username; KiraRaeLynn

♡ Buying for; KiraRaeLynn
♡ Refs;  x
♡ Colors; Blue please xD x x 
x x
♡ Extras; Not sure if the roses I Pm'd about is extra
♡ Animation (y/n); No
♡ Text on icon;  Kira
♡ Email; Will PM :)



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Do your prices go any lower than 10k because I just want something simple ;-;

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@KiraRaeLynn I honestly have no idea what's going on with the responses o.o last night they disappeared for me but came back and now they're gone again and got the credits thank you! Will send soon as I get on my laptop ^^


@sun Yeah, idk what's going on tbh x.x so many comments are gone

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