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    Hello, Toru here! I'm 20 years old, a digital artist, cosplayer, and probably the worst weeb ever. I like aliens and neon colors. This is basically what I draw the most. I hope you'll like my art!

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  1. General

    1. Announcements

      Latest announcements about changes, upcoming features, and general information.

      Reaction Update By Alismora
    2. Events & Contests

      Official and user-hosted contests will be held here. Feel free to join an existing contest or open one up!

      [2018] Earth Day Celebration By MayVenn
    3. Help & Feedback

      If you have any questions about how the forum works or anything really, please post them here. We also are very interested to hear any suggestions you may have to improve the GASR forum!

      Artwork Lost & Found By Deth
  2. Shops & Services

    1. Custom Shops

      Shops where users can commission artists to make them a custom piece based on their original characters, 3D avatars, or designs in exchange for currency.

      ✧ Sophistique; WE'RE OPEN! By Pey
    2. Premade Shops

      Sell and buy premade art of all kinds: avatar enhancements, badges, icons, 3D files, graphic designs, physical goods, pixel dolls and drawings.  Premades are pieces of work already created by an artist ready to be purchased.  You must have 50 posts or more in order to use this section.

      a v o x ❅ p r e m a d e s ___________/\_… By Lovelace
    3. Free Shops

      If you'd like to get some practice by offering your services for free, or you simply do not wish to charge for your work, you can create a topic here.  Members can seek items free of charge here.

      Into The Fire | unlimited By UNH1NGED
    4. Requests & Art Trades

      Find artists to fulfill any specific requests you may have, or find other GASR members to trade artwork with. 

      Astro's Requests TEMP CLOSED By Astro
  3. Auction House

    1. Member Hosted Auctions

      Auction off your artwork (Custom slots, premades, adoptables, character sheets, etc.), or bid to win them!

      Γ Α Λ Α Ξ Ι Α Κ Ο Σ | cain . capsule | $… By Cain
    2. GASR Hosted Auctions

      Bid to win on pieces during special auction events, such as charity drives, hosted by GASR!

      No posts here yet
  4. Miscellaneous

    1. Critique & Pricing

      Showcase your artwork for other GASRians to critique or offer pricing advice.  We encourage you to review the "How to Give and Receive Critique" guide to properly utilize this section.

      Help me to price (headshots) By RienNadjr
    2. Collaboration Partner Search

      Post advertisements looking for partners to work with you on artwork projects or collaboration shops for GASR!

      Let's collab!~ By AiNATHEEND
    3. Off-Topic

      Subforum dedicated to discussion both related and unrelated to art.  All new topics created here will be sent to moderators for approval/rejection.

      Draw the person above you! By Calypso

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