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  • ZEN | Adoptable Base By Iris

    • $10.00
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    File is MASSIVE. 3850px x 3813px / 11in x 10.895in Can be resized comfortably without losing any cleanliness. File contains four layers; 1 Female Base, 1 Male Base, 1 Grey Background, and 1 White Fill. DO NOT DELETE THE BASE LAYERS.   If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me!  If you are having issues with this file in Sai, and it is somehow not wanting to save, please PM me!
  • Eyelashes Add On By Pey

    • $3.00
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    Eyelashes Add On Pack Add on pack of eyelashes to add onto your image. Please note that the preview is to size so these are recommended for usage on a 160 x 220 sized canvas and are most likely to blur if resized onto a bigger image canvas. *am not a professional and am not claiming these eyelashes to be perfect, ideal for struggling beginners*   - There are fifteen different pairs of eyelashes and all include the top and bottom lashes, all are black. - Each eyelash set is on a different layer in the same image, so you need to just make the image layers visible to use. - The download includes the eyelashes in both .sai and .psd format.  - These eyelashes can be owned by an unlimited amount of people and do not require editing before usage. - I have previously used these eyelashes on my own DPs. - Credit is not necessary but appreciated. However, you cannot claim them to be your own.  - You can use these how you wish, there are no limitations.           
  • Chibi Base (4 expressions 4 poses) By captainkaddy

    • $1.00
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    • 8
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    Comes with .psd and .sai hi-res  can be used to do commissions or adoptables. Please feel free to change for your art, just don't resell the adoptable as a base, thank you.
  • P2U Female base Sunny By Mattie

    • $3.00
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    This is a Female base in 3 different kind of body types.   The download contains: ☆ .PSD file 1.24kB ☆ .PNG file 108kB, 108kB, 111kB ☆ Size is 1050x1680px

    • You MUST credit @Mattie in the description of your art or your post of your premade/custom.
    • You may make premades/adopts/commissions/ref sheets out of it. (still gotta credit me)
    • If you've bought the base, only you are allowed to use it. Please do not share it with other users or friends, direct them to the base so they can purchase it themself.
    • You MAY NOT resell my base or restribute any of my bases. If you want people to use them, please send them to my content to buy them.
    • You may edit the lines/shading but credit is always needed to the original artist.
    • You can use my bases outside of GASR as well as on other accounts owned specifally by you. (still need to credit tho..)
    • DO NOT claim as the creator of the base.
    • Downloading and using the base, you are agreeing to these terms.
    ☆ By purchasing you agree to follow these terms. ☆   For Any questions, Please post in the comments. For any recommendation of what poses you want to see next, please post in my shop or hit me up with a PM.

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