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  • Eyelashes Add On By Pey

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    Eyelashes Add On Pack Add on pack of eyelashes to add onto your image. Please note that the preview is to size so these are recommended for usage on a 160 x 220 sized canvas and are most likely to blur if resized onto a bigger image canvas. *am not a professional and am not claiming these eyelashes to be perfect, ideal for struggling beginners*   - There are fifteen different pairs of eyelashes and all include the top and bottom lashes, all are black. - Each eyelash set is on a different layer in the same image, so you need to just make the image layers visible to use. - The download includes the eyelashes in both .sai and .psd format.  - These eyelashes can be owned by an unlimited amount of people and do not require editing before usage. - I have previously used these eyelashes on my own DPs. - Credit is not necessary but appreciated. However, you cannot claim them to be your own.  - You can use these how you wish, there are no limitations.           
  • VID TUT: midnight sky By Capsule

    THIS TUTORIAL INCLUDES:         - A video with explanation showing you how i         create my moonlit backgrounds. 
  • Developer: Glitter Hair Tutorial By Anna

    Information This tutorial teaches you how to add glitter to hair without the need for animations. I recommend you read the Developer Hair Tutorial first, as this tutorial assumes you already have the base hair texture made. It is in .pdf format and uploaded to google drive.  
  • Pixel Add-Ons - Pack 1 By Alismora

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    This pack includes 7 various small pixel items you see commonly around all pixel artwork, mostly used as accents.  These are pixelled the way I normally pixel them in the projects that I do, which may or may not be the same as you, which is why I allow editing to suit your needs!  Each type of item is saved on a separate transparent layer and can be easily cut and pasted into anything you're working on.  I am planning on making multiple pixel related packs in the future using various items at various sizes and styles.   Items in Pack Stars Hearts Sparkles v1 Sparkles v2 Bullets Bows Oval Bullets

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