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  2. xiSookie

    done for divondimand@imvu

    Very handsome <3 great work! <3
  3. Lovens

    Art Nouveau Style Icon

  4. Lovens

    Death Wedding

  5. xiSookie


    So pretty <3
  6. Lovens

    Lust Couple Premades

  7. Lovens

    DP for Sqits

  8. Lovens

    ow my heart

    Love your Art!
  9. Lovens

    weird hair ig

  10. xiSookie


    Love it! <3
  11. Lovens

    v starry

  12. Lovens

    Art trade for Darksiders

    Awesome Work!
  13. Lovens

    #Ghostly Premade

  14. Lovens


  15. indah

    Ballerina's Shop.

    Hihi i would like to continue my order plz
  16. Lovens


  17. Lovens

    For Voyeur

  18. Origami

    💖Rin's Custom Shop💞 [CLOSED working on art]

    OMG!!! Absolutely no changes this looks amazing thank you so much!!!! Everything is perfect!!!
  19. Lovens

    blossom premade

  20. Lovens


  21. lSinny

    Help a girl out

    Text: Kai Refs: My babes Extra: Artistic Freedom Thanks for considering ~ ♥ ~
  22. Lovens

    Art Trade with Nimwit

  23. starlites

    ‹ All Night › [0/4]

    Awwe i have so many ocs but couldnt pick an ill send part payment later today
  24. Lovens

    Premade 30

  25. Lovens


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Graphic Arts:  Any form of visual artistic expression.  (e.g. traditional and digital painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, etc.)

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