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  2. Deth


    You accidentally sent the payment twice, so I refunded the second one :) Check and make sure it got refunded to you! <3 and I'll be sending the DP's in a PM here in a minute :D
  3. Nikki


    I sent it, dear!
  4. Sexologist

    paper dolls style!

    Form: References: https://sta.sh/22ajbf8u9qk?edit=1 Text: Sexologist Extra: Lots of freckles. hair is a golden ginger
  5. Nikki


    Premade: chloe Changes: red background Text: Nikki Watermark: Issued Price: $22?
  6. Precures

    Vitamin ♡ ( ON HOLD )

    @Buni will start coloring it then, thank you
  7. waifull

    paper dolls style!

  8. Deth


    Yes, please fill out the form :D Just helps me keep track of things! and go ahead and send! <3
  9. Pains

    paper dolls style!

    omggg this style is so cute References: Beau | Mackie Text: Pains Extra: i feel like those 2 ocs are the most simplest ones i have | Artistic Freedom
  10. Posi

    The compliment challenge

    five things you like about yourself 1. I'm honest but not hurtful honest. 2. I like to stay true to myself as much as possible. 3. I enjoy making people laugh with my humor 4. When I'm being bullied or see someone else is, I tend to stand up for myself/them 5. I'm affectionate five things you're proud of 1. Left a toxic 6 year relationship on my own and stayed to it 2. Started and completed my first book 3. Slowly beginning to understand that mistakes are just human nature and nothing to be ashamed of 4. My creations 5. My younger sister five positive things about your body 1. I actually really love my huge bust size XD It lets me feel like real big titay anime grill 2. I love how big my booty is too XD it's plump and round 3. I really like my skin tone, I get confused for multiple different races for it too 4. My legs have always been toned from how much running I used to do. 5. I love my face, but mostly my eyes. I end up getting hypnotized by them every once in a while when they're not hidden behind glasses XD This topic is so refreshing and even made me smile and a little more confident in myself and body. I hope more people post here. <3
  11. Tranquilized

    paper dolls style!

    This is a really old style of mine that's pretty cute and simple so I'd like to bring it back! PLEASE ignore my old tumblr url don't bully me about it lmao This is the style: It works best with simple OCs, as it's a very minimally detailed style. Form: References: Text: Extra:
  12. bagmilk

    The Witchery Arts - Practice

    Text: Alex OC: Rishka Ref: All in folder above! Screenshots: N/A :( Anything else I should know? Have fun with her! She's my evil lil bb gorl <3
  13. Nikki


    I can send now, hun! Should I still put in a form or?
  14. Pains

    Devil Girl ♥

  15. Senpai

    ▸ P U R R G A T O R Y ◂ [ 2 ]

    Premade: Mizu! Text: could I get one with Senpai and one with Pupcat? Changes: N/A Price: 25$ Suggestions: I really would love to see a kawaii puppy girl ; - ; ♥
  16. @Sorce I was honestly thinking the same thing as halloween premades xD But I'll do a halloween theme premades thank you sweetheart
  17. Joel

    Little doodles - (slots full!)

    @Plushie - 2nd wip! Let me know if you need any changes if not I’ll continue after payment.
  18. Maniacally

    Pixel Avi Repaints

    Text: Maniacally Screenie(s): <3 Refs: Boop Extras/Background: Up to you love Animations?: Eye sparkle or blinking
  19. It's a little early for Halloween but.. Do Halloween themed DPs? Like cats, witches, ghosts, demons, psychos, bats, vampires, etc.
  20. Sorce


    A: Happiness; whether it's family, friends or strangers, I am happy when others are happy and it makes peace. I'm so mushy.. Q: Everyone has a destiny, what's yours?
  21. Parasitic

    Work In Progress

    Art trade: @Verhext I'm honestly excited to do this piece for her!
  22. Vee


    influenced by Journey.
  23. @Sorce Ah thank you hon’ Tbh guys I need suggestions lmaooo my brain is fried hah.
  24. Sins

    Pixel Avi Repaints

    Form Text: Holly Screenie(s): xx Refs: xx Extras/Background: Artistic Freedom. Animations?: Blinking or smiling
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