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  1. Past hour
  2. @Xilatr no changes, it looks great ^^
  3. So I won't be on much this two days or so because I've fallen sick. I'm down with a high fever atm. It's been going up to 39.5℃ and sometimes dropped to 38℃ then back up to 39℃. This high fever brought muscle and joint pain as well as headache accompanied with coldness.


    I've been to the docs and they ruled out Dengue so I'm safe ^^ But I have to take plently of rest as they doesn't know the cause of my sudden fever. 

  4. *:・゚✧ KIRA KIRA ~ ✧・゚:* full.

    @Kitten yes hun, if I’m not wrong I think the waiting list slots are closed
  5. ‹ All Night › [2/3] OPEN!

    I've always wanted to purchase/get art from you. I love your work and see it all over GASR and the previous GASR forum as well (I think?) so I'm kind of hyped you opened a shop. I would like to put in an order right now but I need to gather my references, but I'm currently at work. I don't know if you hold slots or anything, but I will be off in the next 2 hours (or sooner depending when the boss lets me go) and would be able to put it in by then, if that's okay with you? :] If not I understand!
  6. Mal's Premade Art

    New premade
  7. Yall do you know how relaxing is litening to Taehyung's voice while drawing? that booooiiii :llnyaa:

  8. digical arts + STREAMING on tWiTcH [offline]

    Loved seeing your art around. Welcome baCkkk!!! Some guys: They be here Or? Some ladies: Heree Guy Text:GTRR32 Lady Text: Jaynetu or Jay

    Oh my god...
  10. I'M FINALLY FREEEEE! Omg those two last weeks were like being in hell lol, exams, projects, homework ;; But I'm finally free which means I'll be working in some premades ^^ please keep an eye on my premade shop, thank youuuuu ♥

  11. What's A Free Shop?

    references / character: Nurse or Petite Fleur text: PinkBlossom extra: if the hat and the horns don't fit..u can just pick one or the other. thank u
  12. |°˖✧ SPARKLES ✧˖°| OPEN | 0/5 SLOTS

    Yes! Sub emotes aswell as discord emotes ^w^
  13. Traditional Shop

    Sale 4k each IMVU Credits :) 160 x220
  14. 1 dp a day

  15. 1 dp a day

  16. LiveStreams

  17. [ ♥ ] E N A M O R E D ★

    @Mya thank you love i tried hard w the animations !!! ♥♥ working on a premade if anyone wants to come ! ♥
  18. //awkward wave.

    Glad you like it so far!!! Here's the last WIP for today I didn't get much further but I need to go to bed for work tonight.
  19. Games

    Moose recent purchase: The Heavy Rain™ & BEYOND: Two Souls™ Collection
  20. .:C O L O U R C H R O M E:. [3] NEW "Celestial"

    New Premade! Destiny - 007 Screenshot By - Whatdowelove £10
  21. $5 Anime-ish Full Body Drawings

    Heres a sketchy WIP. tell me if you want anything changed and such
  22. digical arts + STREAMING on tWiTcH [offline]

    @Katelyn I Love her Thank you so much! She looks amazing! ♡♡
  23. Today
  24. Games


  26. be my missing puzzle piece b_b

    Practicing it but I'm not really good at sketchin'. Btw, maybe you could stard the drawing and I'll work on what you did so far, if you want to collab ^^
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