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  2. Leviathan

    Show off your latest creation!

    my baby pudding is at his final stages of liver cancer and he has very less time to live.. please keep him in your prayers, he has been with me for 10 years and i love him more than anything.
  3. extremely sorry to everyone waiting on customs from me!! i have a 3 day break so i am going to try and finish them up before tuesday!! 







  4. Emberly

    ☁ Deceitful Looks ☁ 2 PREMADES AVAILABLE ☁

    Thank you
  5. Dessie

    Moon Babies

    Text on DP: Dessie OCs/Refs: Morticia Pose/Expression: in albums Background: something dark Extra: - Link a Song: (if it's just a name and not a LINK I'll just skip your order) Click Thank you for considering!
  6. sick

    SICK SHOP (0/6) OPEN

  7. finding inspiration in the grilled cheese reddit subforum

    Image result for pumpkin pie

  8. @Novocaine sounds good hun! Glad you’re liking her so far ❤️ However, I would like to update to you and everyone else in this shop that all of my work, both free, and premade will be put on hold temporarily! I am messaging right now from mobile because this morning my computer had a major OS crash. After spending most the day trying to fix it without having to reformat my system, it seems nothing will work although I’m still trying to break through the blue screen I got going on.. If all else fails I should have a solution by Monday or so, but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll get to backup my files. So with that possibility in mind I may have to restart all over on yours, Novo hun I will update when I have more info for you all, and I’m very sorry about this. My computer is new however, ran BIOS diagnostic with everything passing so it’s not hardware, just software so fixable!
  9. Chiishake

    alohavenus pixels (1/10) [now doing dps]

    @alohavenus Ohh, okay! Can't wait to see what you come up with
  10. Golurk

    ✧ s u s h i ⋆ t o o s h i e ✧ | Art Shop | 5/5

    He's gorgeeee but don't worry hun, I appreciate your artwork a lot. Was worth the wait but no changed
  11. samedi


    I have this premade for 5k
  12. Michelle

    ☁ Deceitful Looks ☁ 2 PREMADES AVAILABLE ☁

    @Emberly thanks! glad you have a piece from me now ❤️ ur welcomed anytime ill have it for u tmrw night i rlly like these emoticons o_o
  13. hi i freakin love your art and im so happy you liked the piece i did for you soBS

    thank u so much for ordering and i HOPE THAT I CAN GET A PIECE FROM YA SOMEDAY just gotta save a lil more :3

  14. @Mya ahh omg i love it so much ty bb
  15. alohavenus

    alohavenus pixels (1/10) [now doing dps]

    sure thing! (sorry item isn't very descriptive i'll have to fix that. i meant shop icon/badge/dp/other)
  16. Chiishake

    alohavenus pixels (1/10) [now doing dps]

    @alohavenus If you're willing to try, here you go! Username: Chiishake Item: Animal (I'm guessing this is correct here) Reference Links: Baby cheeks Notes/Description: Basically he's an albino pygmy marmoset hybrid. He's my persona's pet so whatever you think looks good with him by all means go for it. I didn't really think of good eye color so you're welcome to try anything that looks good with the albino look of him to! Size (100x80 if shop icon): Siggy size? Not sure lol Animation (Y/N): Sure, maybe a tail or ear wiggle, or whatever looks cute with him. Thanks for trying my persona's furbaby!

    Price: $6
    Title: scorpionFish
    Title: GhostGuby
    Title: Seaweeds

    Price: $8
    Title: Ariel
    Title: Pharsa
    Title: Ruby

    Note: all includes large art, message me if interested thank you 🙂

  18. coffxcup


    HERE IS THE LINK FOR BQ --->https://i.imgur.com/ioqztMF.gif HERE IS THE SAMPLE! If you like it and everything is okay. You can send me the money via paypal and this link which already has the agreed amount set up on it. ---> https://www.paypal.me/coffxcup/30 Then once I recieve payment I will send you the finished version unwatermarked either here or in private messages which ever you prefer. This was actually SUPER fun to make, and if you know anyone else that wants one please send them my way LOL.
  19. HUGE PREMADE SALE! Price: $6 Title: scorpionFish Title: GhostGuby Title: Seaweeds Price: $8 Title: Ariel Title: Pharsa Title: Ruby Note: all includes large art, message me if interested thank you 🙂
  20. Cymette

    post some quotes

    "To burn the witch is to admit that magic exists." - Erin Anastasia "These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb." - Najwa Zebian "And his eyes have all the seemings of a demon's that is dreaming." - Edgar Allen Poe
  21. Mourning

    after and before

    Those brows are FLEEEKY.
  22. Mourning


    I'm really digging her facial expression.
  23. Mourning


    She's so adorable.
  24. alohavenus

    alohavenus pixels (1/10) [now doing dps]

    i can definitely try! hopefully it'll come out nice?
  25. Chiishake

    alohavenus pixels (1/10) [now doing dps]

    Question.. Do you do animals? Like siggy art for animals/pets? Wanna ask before putting in a form in case you don't
  26. mist


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