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Welcome to the year 2018!!  We come with lots of updates, upcoming features, and information.  Please review our announcement topic for information about all the changes that are happening this month!

Join GASR's Post Profile Design Contest! Prizes include 6, 3, and 1 month elite memberships, a custom title, ad space, and your design being implemented on GASR!
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    In this contest, you'll get to create a post profile concept design either by code or by image! Don't know what a post profile is? It's the small profile area that shows to the left of posts on GASR's forum that show your name, avatar image, badges, stats, etc! This gives you guys a chance to contribute more to GASR and possibly affect how it looks instead of it being completely up to staff all the time! Click here to participate.

    Happy New Years! Instead of the boring way of listing your resolutions, start your new year by drawing them! Click here for more information.

    Welcome to the year 2018!! We come with lots of updates, upcoming features, and information. Click here for more information.

    This is our first survey for contests/events, so we'd really appreciate if you took a few moments to fill it out! Click here for more information.

    We've made some changes to minimize our virtual footprint via emails that could affect your settings. Click here for more information.

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    Hi guys! I'm Amy, and as you probably also guessed, I love to do art! I've been drawing since as I could hold a pen, but didn't start drawing digitally since about 2013, and I've been selling art on GASR since 2014. I've had a lot of ups and downs in business when I was starting out, but I've learnt a lot and feel that I've benefited greatly from being on here as it allowed me to be a much better artist, even if I am still a work in progress! I find inspiration in just about anything, but mostly from other artists (here especially) and pinterest. Hopefully I'll always have time to dedicate to drawing and doing commissions since that is what is absolutely dear to me despite my work ethic IRL. If you see me around, feel free to say hi!

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